When he's sad: Tigerclaw

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This one will be slightly different. I thought that Tigerclaw would be hiding his sadness from the reader. Anyway....ENJOY!!!!

Tigerclaw's P.O.V

After failing with kidnapping one of the turtles once again, Shredder beat me up and threatened to kill me if I don't catch them later. And Karai's remarks about my moves and other stuff didn't help either. Shredder just got more angry and threw one of his knives at me.

At the moment, I was in my apartment, cleaning up the wound that he gave me. It was the biggest cut so far, and will definitely turn in to a visible scar later. One that not even my furr will be able to cover up.

After I cleaned it up, I put bandages around my arm and cleaned up the bloody mess on the sink. It was fine at first, but then it started to hurt. The pain was unbarable, even though I've stitched it together and put a lot of treatment on it. But no, this would probably hurt for a while.

As a few hours went by, the pain just got worse. I've checked it a few times, and nothing was wrong. The painkillers that I've been taking once and hour didn't effect me at all, I only felt tired from them. Every breath I took seemed to get weaker and weaker. In the end, I couldn't even lift my feet up properly from the floor. It didn't take long for me to realize that my weakness was all my fault.
It may be the side-effects of the medicine, or I'm just really tired. But I decided to stick to the first option, since the next thing I knew was me laying on the cold floor right by my bed.

It was humiliating. The pain only got worse and worse, and I couldn't do anything about it. I was way to weak to even move my fingers. My mind began to panic, since it almost felt like I was about to die here. That thought made me tear up. What if I was right? Maybe my wound got badly infected while I wasn't looking. Or what if I took the wrong medicine and poisoned myself?

When the first tear ran down my cheek, I suddenly became completely numb.

Then, everything went black.

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