Meeting April and Casey (Request): Raphael

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You were at the lair again because Raph wanted to give you some lessons in self-defense. He showed you some basics, made you try them your while throwing some light punches at you and then went away to get you both something to drink. But while he was in the kitchen, you decided to practice a little bit more.

Standing in the middle of the dojo, you threw punches and kicks with style and ease. But you also had all of those small roules in your head. Like, for example, not move your feet and inch after you placed them on the ground, keep your hands not to far or too close to your body and other stuff.

You continued like that when suddenly you wanted to try a move you've seen Raph do while training. Jump up, turn around in the air and kick at head-level. You knew how to do that since he had to practice that himself and went on and on with the moves. But as soon as you tried, your foot didn't hit the air, no. Your foot hit somebody. Shock instantly filled your body as you went over to the person you just kicked. It was your...classmate?

"April? What are you doing here? A-are you alright?! "You asked her as you helped her sit up. She rubbed the side of her head and opened her eyes to look at you.

"I'm fine...more importantly, what are you doing here?" She asked you with a curius tone. You looked down at the ground.

"I'm training with boyfriend... "You asked, a really visible blush spreading across your face. She didn't even blink before slapping your face. You looked up at her with wide eyes.

"What was THAT for?!" You instantly asked her with a loud voice. Raph instantly ran in to the room with two bottles of water. You looked at him and then back to April who didn't seem to notice him.

"Because you were lying to me...You never, never told me that you had a boyfriend." She said angrily but with sadness in her tone. You sat up a bit straighter.

"Yeah, of course because you'd make me do anything to say who it was. Am I right? I didn't know you knew the turtles so I kept my mouth shut.... " As soon as you said that, her face started to shine like the sun and a huge grin became visible on her face.

"Of course I will. Now, where do we start?"She said and took your hands, dragging you out of the dojo.

"Maybe I should finish my training first." You said and tried to pull back. But April was slightly stronger than you so she overpowered you quickly.

"You'll be able to do that later. Now, get your ass moving because we're going to Murakami's." She said and pulled you harder. You turned you head in Raph's direction, asking desperately for help. But he just smiled and waved 'good bye' to you.

That bastard..............My bastard.

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