When he sees you naked: Donatello

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You were changing clothes in your room all because of the unexpected rain. Your underwear was on the floor beside your feet and your clothes were already ready to wash. Your hair had been dryed slightly because the towels you used didn't help at all. After you had put on some underwear, which just had to be purple, you started to clean up the underwear.

Out of nowhere, a few notes on a guitar started to play behind you. You spinned around only to see Donnie sitting on your window with a smirk, playing the most romantic song you knew.

Yeah as long as I've got my suit and tie

I'm gonna leave it all on the floor tonight.

You blushed bit stood there with an open mouth, not even bothering to cover yourself with something. You were speechless to say the least. Shock took over your body at that point.

I'll be dressed in black and white

And you're dressed in that dress I like

He continued while stepping inside. How could you forget to close the blinds? Who know how much he has seen?

Love is swinging in the air tonight

He leaned closer while playing some more. At this point your body finally gave you the control and you began to cover yourself woth your hands. Before you could cover yourself, he stopped playing the guitar and threw it on to your bed. Your eyes followed it. He then grabbed your wrist and sang out the last line of the song before sending you both down to the floor.

Let me show you a few things~

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