When you meet again: Donatello

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The entire week i've been spending my time with trying to find the book i was reading. But no luck...Because of that, i had to buy another one even though it was way to expensice right now. At least i got it right?

When i walking the same road i did a week ago i fouond  myself bumping in to the exact same things. It was really ambarasing but i did this at least once a week so some people were used to it now while others found it just as hellarius as usual.

But the i tripped over a new thing, wich caused me to fall in to and alley. But on my way to the ground, the book slipped out of my hands. I waited to the ground to hit me but fell instead down in to something as hard but way to far up...I looked up and saw the same turtle as before. The look he gave me told me right away that if his arms were free he would facepalm himself. I laughed akwardly and stood up on my feet. Just then the book that i dropped fell right on to my head. I froze while he just bolted out laughing. In the end i joined him but then it ended fastly. I wiped a tear of my eye and looked at him. He was not holding the book i dropped a week ago.

"Here, you dropped it a week ago." He told me while i took it from him and said a quiet "thank you".

"So...What are you reading this time that made you bump in to everything?" He asked with a small laugh and crossed his arms.I just took of the book and showed him the cover. He fastly realized that i was reading the same book.

"Oh..." He said while looking at the books back and fouth.

"I thought i would never get the book back...so i baught another one..." I said akwardly.

"May i keep this one then?" He asked and pointed to the one he had the entire time. I nodded and handed it over to him. After that we both went to the rooftops, reading the same book while making a few comments about it and having a great time.

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