You understand his feelings: Raphael

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Raph's P.O.V

Man, I was soo embarrassed after what happened the last time. And also at the fact that I couldn't get the thought of her naked back out of my head. It was bad, really bad.
But somehow, I found myself running towards her house. It was midnight though, so she would probably be asleep. I could already imagine her sleeping by her desk, a pen in her hand while some drool came out of her mouth and on the notebook.
Chuckling at the thought, I came to a stop; her window. The curtains were open, so I could easily se in to her room. And sure enough, she was sleep.

Walking in to her room and standing behind her, I looked over at her homework. Before I could take a closer look I accidentally step on a ball of crunched paper. That woke her right away and snap her head up, hitting my chin hardly and causing me to bite my tounge.
I backed away, placing my hands over my mouth as I felt my tounge swell up slightly. She turned sharply around and started to apology over and over again. I tried to tell her that it was okay and that I was fine but ended up only getting a few parts out. It was just to painful to say everything properly.
" ohai" was everything i could say out loud before covering my mouth with my hands again and lean down a bit.
She suddenly started laughing and fell backwards on the floor. Luckily, she had a fluffy blanket under her so she didn't hit her head.

After a while she finally calmed down, and stood on her knees. She still needed to hold her moth to not laugh. And every time I tried to talk it sounded horrible, so horrible that she almost fell down. In the end, it was too much for me to handle.
So I ran away in embarrassment. And as soon I was outside I just had to turn around, seeing her struggle to get herself up on her feet while covering her mouth with one hand and trying to get herself up with the other one. Sadly enough, it turned out that thing she grabbed just HAD to be a chair with whiles. So it rolled away and caused her to fall back on the floor again.

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