Confession: Donatello

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PS: The song is especially for this chapter.

You and Don were on the rooftops. You were doing some math homework while he did his own things. Planning another plan on how he and his brothers could figure out what the Krang was planning. He sometimes took out his own notebook and noted things. Important things. You could easily tell that in his mind, everything depended on him. His tongue stuck out of his mouth every time he wrote something. His eyes moved together with the pen as he stroke it across the paper with fast movements. You didn't pay much attention to him, since you really had to understand everything that was written in your book. But every time you got stuck, you asked him for help. Al though, you did get slightly embarrassed. You knew that you were bothering him every time you did so. That you woke him up from his own world, so that he had to slowly get back in again and start all over.

"Don. I'm finished with this page. Would you mind checking my answers?" You asked him quietly. But when he didn't answer, you had to tap him on the shoulder and repeat your question. He looked up at you with wide eyes. You didn't even had to ask him if he listened, because he didn't. So, you repeated yourself again. He smiled that usual smile that can warm up every heart that looks at it, and took your notebook. While he was checking the answers,  you played a little on your phone. Looking though pictures, going on websites. What ever you're doing on your phone.

After a while, he gave the notebook back to you. You realized that every answer was right. But he still wrote down some extra questions for you to make sure that you get it 100%.  You did all of the questions and handed the notebook back to him again.

He checked them, and then started to write on your notebook. You guessed you did something wrong.

"You're good at this, I don't understand why I had to write extras for you in the first place. But, I want you to look at this question right here and think a bit over it. It can be hart, but hopefully, it's easy for you." He said and handed the notebook over to you again. You looked down at the question that he wrote almost at the edge of the paper.

Will you be my girlfriend?

you looked up at him, noticing that he was looking down at you as well with a huge blush on his face. If he was Raph, you wouldn't be able to find his mask. But at that moment, you were completely speech less. All you could do was smile, and earn one back.

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