When he's human: Leonardo

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This is the preparation for the Lemons that I'll write later. But you could also say that this one will be close to a lemon...
I will regret his won't I???

Also, the picture that you'll see here and in the other chapters will be what I always pictured them to look like as human. I'm trying to be as realistic as possible, so the reason most of them will have long hair is because turtles can't grow hair, but if they were humans then these 15/16 years with no haircuts would be visible. Enjoy.

Leo's P.O.V

Donnie had invented a new thing today. I'm not sure what he was calling it, but to me, it looked like a normal watch that can turn me and my brothers human while we were wearing it.
I want to surprise (Y/N) with this by turning human. (Y/N) will maybe freak out a little bit, but hopefully she'll recognize me fast. But then I began to get a little nervous.

What if she won't like the way I look when I am a human?

Well, there's only one way to find out.

I took the watch, put it on and did exactly as Donnie told me. It felt a little bit wired but it wasn't for long. When I opened my eyes and looked at mysef in the mirror that was right in front of me.

Wow...So this is me...

I thought while looking at myself. Not bad actually, could've been worse right? Now I just have to cover myself up with some clothes so that (Y/N) won't faint from a nosebleed.

I walked up to my closet, feeling lighter than before because my shell was missing, and took out some underwear together with a man-kimono. After putting it on, I took my gear and walked in to Master Splinter's room. He needed to see this.

Your P.O.V

I walked in to the lair, happy that I got a new haircut that was ready to be shown for Leo. As soon as I walked in to the living room, metal against metal could be heard. With a smile, I walked in to the dojo, but stopped in my tracks at the sight.

Master Splinter was fighting a human wearing a blue-gray kimono with two Katana's. He suddenly stopped and turned to me.

"Well hello there (Y/N). How are you?" He asked me and turned twoards me slightly. I stood there speechless as I stared at the other guy. Did they know each other? That's when he turned to me and faced me with a small smile. I couldn't help but look in his eyes, finding them beautiful. But quickly regretting it.

NO! I can't! It's like cheating on Leo! He doesn't deserve a broken heart!

I panikied silently and did my very best too look away, but it was like this guy's eyes were hypnotizing me. It was wrong! I have to go away!
Master Splinter must've noticed my fear in my eyes, because he stepped forward and put a hand on the guy's shoulder.

"Dear (Y/N), don't you recognize your own boyfriend?" He said with a slight giggle. I instantly dropped my books, letting them make a 'thump' echoe through the dojo. Leo smiled and turned his head twoards Master Splinter.

"Can we have a moment alone, Sensei?" He asked. Hearing Leo's voice calmed me down a bit, because now i really knew that it was Leo. Master Splinter nodded and let us walk away. Leo put his hand on my back and led me in to his room. I followed without any words, but felt a little bit awkward since i wasn't used to Leo looking like this.

He was handsome though

As soon as he closed the door, I just had to ask him.

"Is it really you Leo?" He smiled and kissed me, proving that he was without using words. I kissed back, wrapping my arms around his neck, and trying to get used to feeling hair at it. It felt a bit wired, but i slowly melted in to it just like i did when he wasn't In his human form. Leo slowly led me back away twoards his bed, but I didn't notice it until I fell down on it. He quickly threw himself down to me and held himself up by his arms. I blushed because of how hot he looked at the moment.

Instead of letting me rest for a while, and getting used to his human form, he smashed his lips to mine and cupped my cheek with on of his hands. It's something he always did while kissing me, so this should be normal, but for some reason, I felt sort of...well...

Turned on by his touch

I don't now what happened, it felt like my body took over and blocked my brain out. I put my hands on to his shoulders and pulled him closer by grabbing in his kimono and pulling him closer to me. He understood what I wanted and laid down next to me. I instantly got on top of him and began to kissed him again. He slowly slid his tounge on my lower lip, asking for my permission I bit his lip slightly before letting him in. He moaned quietly at it and slowly slid his hands up and down my back. I grabbed the ends of his kimono and pulled one of the sides off, leaving him with a bare shoulder. He didn't seem to mind.
I then broke the kiss and kissed his cheek bone, right before his ear. His hair tickled my nose a bit, but I just ignored it.
I then went down to his neck and stared sucking a bit. As soon as I found his spot, he moaned and grabbed my head while spreading his legs to let them be right by my sides. This ended up in me laying on his stomach and crouch.

I should have felt awkward, but in the dark, my blush wasn't visible, so I just let it be like that. Leo then bolted up and spun around, making me lay down on the bed and him on top of me. I didn't mind, my arms were gearing tired anyway.

He then grabbed the ends of my shirt and pulled it down, almost ripping it off. I gasped at the sudden action bit let him to his thing. He bit, sucked and kissed my neck from all sides.

Sometimes we took turns on who would pleasure the other. He usually lickef my neck while I bit him on his shoulders a bit. This led him to have to take off the belt that was holding the kimono in place, leaving it just hanging by his arms and making his torso open. The bun that he had on his head to be able to see clearly was now gone, leaving his hair free and hanging almost sexually by his face.

I was a complete mess too, my pants we open because Leo had actually kissed my stomach right below my belly button, my shirt was pulled up to give him a full view of my bra, by hair was spread out on the pillow and my shied were off.

The make out session led sometimes to unexpected things. Like Leo trying to unlock my bra or me feeling around on his lower back. None of us did anything more than that though since we both weren't ready yet. We just wanted a heated make out session.

After about 20 minutes, we both were tired and quite satisfied with each other's affection. I ended it with a gentle lick on his lip and let him fall down next to me on the bed.

We'll continue this another time.

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