Meeting April and Casey (Request): Mikey

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This chapter continues the last chapter: When you wear a kimono:Mikey.

Mikey's P.O.V
I led (Y/N) to the living room where the rest of the family sat and watched TV. As soon as we entered, everyone's eyes were on her before she even could look at herself. She blushed and looked down at her feet, obviously embarrassed. Everyone was attacking her with complements while she thanked them polightly.
Honestly, I began to feel slightly jelous at that because my brothers were complementing her instead of me.

The situation didn't get any better after April and Casey entered the lair. They greeted us with a cheerful "Hello" and ummidietly looked at (Y/N). She squeezed herself tighter and even bent her head down. But when April spoke up she looked up, no sign of shy-ness at all in her face, only confidence.

"Hi! I'm April" April began and pointed at her. (Y/N) nodded her head. "And this is Casey." She continued and pointed at Casey. He smiled a huge smile, showing her how many teeth he lost. (Y/N)'s eyes videoed slightly as she smiled a fake smile.

"Pleasure." She then said and walked out to change. As soon as she was back in to Master Splinter's room, everyone burst out laughing.

"You disgusted her out man!!!" Raph said in between laughter. I joined in. Casey looked pretty upset but we didn't mind that. This was a moment somebody here had to write down, because it would make GREAT memories.

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