Keeping away: Leonardo

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Leo has been nearly avoiding you all week. It didn't bother you at first, but when he started to run away from you every time you entered a room and completely ignored your calls after him you became slightly worried.
Have you done something wrong?
Did something happen while you weren't around?

All kinds of questions filled your head as you walked down the sewers - looking for the 'oh so wise' leader. It was dark, and the smell that you should be used to was worse than usual. When you looked in to the pool of...things. You saw spew all over it.
So that's why.

After covering your nose, you started to run around the sewers. you were slipping a few times, but you didn't care that you hurt yourself. You just wanted to find Leo. He had ran off once again after you went out of the dojo when you were done meditating. It was actually kind of boring being alone.

Now you were out running all over the sewers, looking for the coward that you called boyfriend. yeah sure, your thoughts weren't angelic at all, but that's all you could think about at the moment.
It didn't take you long to come to a dead end, and see a depressed Leo in the corner.
Suddenly, the devilish thoughts you had softened and actually became angelic.

With a soft sigh you walked over to him and kneeled down right beside him. he didn't look up at you, he just kept his face in his knees that ware held in place by his arms. After touching his arms, he bolted up slightly and tried to run away again. But you stopped him by grabbing his arms and forcing them behind his back. He now stopped because he knew you weren't letting go of him.

"What's wrong with you?! You've been avoiding me the entire week?" You said and held him closer. "Did I do something wrong?"
He looked at you from behind and let out tears that made you even more confused.

"I am ashamed of my actions a week earlier"

Suddenly, a flashback popped up in your head. The time you guys went all the way. What was wrong with that? Everyone does it sooner or later right?

"Master Splinter heard us...and he then scolded me badly after you've left. He then forbid me from seeing you until he feels that it's fine for us to be together again"

Together again?
What did he mean by that? Was his father forbidding him from being together with me because of something that mother nature created? I reminded myself to give Master Splinter a talk later.

"Why did he scold you?" You said and let go of him. He turned around, and it looked like he was about to run away again, but his legs wouldn't move.

"Because, if you get pregnant...we won't be able to take care of the child, and you wouldn't be able to get abortion because of me. I-I'm not human (Y/N), do you understand what a c-child must look like? Half human - half mutant. It wouldn't be able to get friends or go out like m-me and my b-brothers. Not only that, but you're too young to be a mother, and what would your parents' say? They would-...t-they, w-w-would...they-" He didn't say anything more before bursting in to tears again and running off.

You just stood there, confused and almost started to cry yourself at how right he was. You could never create a family of your own. Never.
Maybe you weren't supposed to even be girlfriend and boyfriend in the first place.

You should have never met. If you wouldn't have met before, nobody would suffer this much now. If he just didn't come out of the shadows like he did to take his katana, you wouldn't have seen him. If you didn't go up to the rooftop to count cars and kill time you wouldn't have seen the katana there in the first place. You should have just stayed in the apartment and listened while your parents were arguing, then started to argue with them and let them both knock the light of you.

You should have never met

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