When YOU are right and Master Splinter is WRONG:Leonardo

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You were at the lair again. It was about lunch time, so the guys wanted to order take out.

"PIZZA!!!" Mikey yelled before Leo could even ask what everyone wanted. You chuckled at his childish behavior. Donnie though a little bit closer while Raph just continued reading his comic. Leo was quiet before you spoke up.

"How about you try something new?" You asked. Everyone's attension now on you.

"A new kind of pizza?!" Mikey almost screamed. You were about to hit your face with your palm but held it in.

"No, how about you try eating something completely different?" You said. Mikey thought for a moment before Master Splinter cut him off.

"Like what?" He asked me. You thought about it for 3 seconds before answering:

Your P.O.V
"I like chicken with rice and peanut sauce so you can try that out. Master Splinter gave me a look I couldn't figure out yet.

"Fried chicken is bad. It is fatty, oily and definitely not as beneficial to the body." He said to me. Oh, so he wanted to argue with me? Challange accepted! With a smirk, I said:

"It helps to build muscle, aids your cell structure to become stronger, they make your body be able to move. It helps you to exercise for a longer period without getting tired or the need to have a break."
At this point everyone looked at us, waiting for us to almost fight like two cats over a piece of fish.

Action was in the air.

"That stuff is full of fat and calories. All of that grease from the deep firer makes everyone fat. Remember that every piece of chicken you eat will make you fatter thanks to the calories. And being fat is not good." As soon as Master Splinter said that, everyone made a sound.

"Ooooh~" Echoed across the room. Even Leo smiled at how much right Master Splinter was while looking at me. But I had a better thing to say. Something he hasn't said yet.

"Chicken is protein, it helps repair and restore things in your body. Your son's are ninjas. They must be able to fight for a long time in case something happens."

Another sound, but longer this time and everyone's eyes turned to Master Splinter now. I had to struggle to keep my laugher in my face. I could se how much Master Splinter was struggling now, he kept opening and closing his mouth over and over before he finally said:

"No.Fat." He said

"But protein is good and they will burn all of those calories while training tomorrow anyway." At that point Master Splinter just turned around and walked out of the room. No words, no changes in his face expression, nothing. He just walked out.
Everyone waited until he closed the door to him room. Then, laughter filled the room. Even Raph that usually don't laugh was laughing himself to tears!!!

"Oh my GOD!!!" Leo said as he fell down on his back from his sitting position. Donnie dropped the book he was reading and had to hold his head in his hands to make sure that it didn't fall of or something. I fell on my stomach and had to hug it because of the pain.
When everyone was done laughing, Mikey ended up ordering the chicken.

Master Splinter didn't come out of his room until dinner time. And once in a while, he gave me small glares while I smiled at him and took a bite of my chicken.

I will be doing this again...

Just wait dear Splinter

Just wait

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