(bonus) Lemon: Master Splinter

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Master Splinter's P.O.v

It didn't take long for the Hamato brothers to fall asleep in front of the TV after Mikey had turned on a movie for them all. The pizza that they've just eaten warmed up the tummies and made it easier to relax. They were out extra late today since they went all the way to Shredder's building and fought the words villain's they could imagine, which makes me proud since I'm their teacher. I've taught them this great skill that they use wisely.

After I had finished my daily - or more nightly cleaning in the dojo, I went in to my room and changed kimono. Instead of wearing the usual one that I usually wear, I put on a black and white one. I haven't used it in a while, and non of my son's has seen it. But mainly because I kept it hidden from them all, and from myself.

After taking on my tabi socks, to gather with a pair of traditional Japanese shoe's, I began my way out of the Lair.
I've been outside a few times, but kept that a secret from my son's as well.
Just by thinking how much secrets I am keeping from my son's makes me wonder if I really am a good father. It feels like I've been scolding them a few times too many. Especially Leo and Raph.

After I've climbed up to the highest rooftop that was near, I took a deep breath and and watched the view for a while. Looking especially closely at all of the people that was walking to somewhere or from somewhere - in other words minding their business.

Before storming off, I pulled my hood over my head and covered my nose and mouth with a black mask as well. Now, with my body entirely disguised - not that I did need to disguise it in the first place - I took off in to my wished destination.

(L/N)'s Temple

It was one of the few temples that survived the foot clan's attacks. The purple dragons - that my son's has been talking about a lot - has tried to burn it down, or at least destroy it as well. But it never really collapsed, so they just gave up on it and let it be. Now it's shining more that it has ever been before. Not because it's once again Beautiful with all of it's traditional Japanese lamps and candles, but because it's strong and beautiful. Thinking of how well (Y/N) is taking care of it, even if it's outside of New York and people doesn't even know about it, makes me smile warmly. At least someone in this cruel world knows how to show love to other things than people. And the thought of how me met makes my heart burn.


"LEO! Wake up!" Mikey shouted in his brothers face as he layed motionless on the ground. Me and my son's had been fighting the foot clan again. And the reason why I was here as well is because my oldest son is nearly dead.


Raphael had to hold Michaelangelo in his arms to make sure that he didn't squeezed the last breaths Leonardo could take out of him. Donatello was patching up his injuries and made sure his breathing was steady. What a smart child, I cannot help but feel proud over what a beautiful path he had chosen as a child.

Suddenly, I smelled smoke and an unbearable heat hit my back. It wasn't until I turned around that I noticed that the temple - that my son's found and used as a hiding place - was now on fire. Some foot soldiers were already making their way from the temple, ready to hide.
A scream could be heard from inside and my instincts told me to get in and save whoever it was in there, but the scream I heard was so familiar. To familiar for me which made me freeze in my place and think of my - now dead - wife.

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