He want to be with you: Leonardo

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Leo's P.O.V

For some reason, it was absolutely impossible for me to get (Y/N) out of my head. Her eyes, hair and absolutely everything was gorgeous about her. She didn't scream when she met me, she kept me a secret from everyone and even became my best friend. While I was training, I looked to the side, seeing her sit there, smiling at me. Even though it was just my imagination, I felt happier by thinking that. In the end, I found myself walking to her apartment. Not sure why though. It was in the middle of the night and she probably was laying in het bed, sleeping quietly.

When I was there, I noticed her window being open. "Strange..." i said to myself as I went closer only to see her sleeping on the floor curled up in a little ball like a kitten. I smiled at how cute she was and went in, even though I knew that would creep her out if she woke up. Something simply pulled me in, and I couldn't even resist.

As I stood on one knee, I could hear her breathing. It was slow and quiet, enough for me to know 100% that she was sleeping. As I was about to take some hair out of her face she rolled over to her back. I looked at her, closely while she was sleeping. Smiling to myself every time she would move slightly or mumble in her sleep.

Slowly, I lifted ger up from the ground and placed her in her bed, covering her with her blanket as well. That's when I noticed that she had a blue statue of a katana on her nightstand. Smiling wide i kissed her forehead with a friendly and lovely way, wishing she would feel the same way I do...

When I was about to leave, I looked back at her sleeping body, then left with happiness all over my face...

     But what I didn't notice
              was her taking a picture of me from behind

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