When he's signing for you: Leonardo

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Leo got in to a fight with no other than Raph. So now, he was spending the night with you. But, you couldn't sleep for some reason. You kept getting relaxed and then waking up because of the slightest move or sound. So, that made you twist and turn your arms and legs all the time. If someone would look at you from above they'd think you were doing human origami or something. But no. You were just trying to sleep. Maybe knowing that Leo was next to you made you nervous or something. You had no idea at that point.

"Trouble sleeping?" Leo suddenly asked you and got up to lean on one elbow. Your head snapped twoards him faster thank you could've even imagined. He smirked with a smile and layed back down. Taking your waist and pulling you closer to him. You layed on your back, but turned tour head to look at him. Suddenly, he started to sing.

His deep vice was enough to make any song sound beautiful. Enough to make every girls drool on his feet just to hear him sing for them. So you're lucky. 
While he was signing, he rubbed the palm of your hand gently with his thumb. You didn't mind. You only enjoyed that and never wanted him to stop. But the whole world seemed to stop around you. In your mind at least. It was the most beautiful song you've heard in your entire life. He reached every single tone perfectly, his voice without any cracks, he breathed quietly and fast, to fast for you to even notice it. But also, it felt like something changed everything around you two. Your breathing became heavier, the noise around you became quiet, completely and the room grew quiet. Everything around you became darker. Maybe because Leo's blue eyes seemed to lit the room up with a deep blue light. You didn't know how to explain it. Because at this moment, all you saw was his eyes and a silluette.

He kept signing until your eyes  started to feel heavy, until you started to struggle to keep them open. When he noticed this, he started to sing quietly and a bit slower too. You watched him until your eyes closed against your will, but he continued to sing. Your eyes may be closed, but your ears was still working. Now, he almost whispered the words out in to your ear. You kept listening, a smile slowly popping up on your face.

He almost breathed out the last words, or, it may have been the last words because you suddenly fell in to a deep slumber. Dreams filled your head, images that you've seen through out the day. How he pleaded you to let him stay in your room through the night because of his brother. How he smiled when he watched Space Heroes with you and everything else that led up to this moment. He was the kindest person you've ever met. And you were lucky that you met him in the first place.

       You're a lucky girl (Y/N). You know that?  

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