When you meet: Raphael

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WARNING: Contains death of a loved one.(if you have a younger sister)

Your P.O.V

I walked down the streets with my little sister on my left side, holding her tiny little hand in mine. We've just been at an amusement park and were on our way home. Her stuffed toys that I bought was in my bag pack along with tons and tons of bags with all kinds of candy and a few pictures we took. I also bought her a (F/C) scarf that could mach her (E/C) eyes perfectly, but it was in my size so we had to take it around her neck many times.

I've never seen her so happy in my entire life, even though she cried once when lost her princess necklace. But she was strong for a 6 year old girl and said that she would be a good girl and get the very same necklace from Santa the next year. Being the older sister I'm really proud of her. She shows a lot of our mom's strength and never gives up like I did in her age, according to what my parents told me.

When we were halfway home, I suddenly heard a rustle in one of the many alleys that we've past. Thinking it was a homeless cat or something I continued walking, until I felt like I was being watched. I tried to ignore it as best as I could and start to walk faster, almost dragging (S/N) after me.

"Why are you walking so fast sis? I can't keep up with you, slow down." (S/N) wined a little after me. I just took her in my arms and started jogging home. But I didn't get very far before something had it's claws on my back.

I panicked and started to run even faster, breaking free from what ever held on to me. At the same time I saw that (S/N) looked at the sky with terrified eyes. I pressed her head down in to my shoulder and looked up, seeing six ninjas run after me on the roof tops. One of them jumped down and the rest following not to far after, but I ducked and hid in the closest alley I could find. (S/N) was really quiet, almost like she knew exactly what I was trying to do. She held on to me, tighter than she've ever done, I didn't have to think twice to get her scared face in my head.

Suddenly, I looked up and saw a ladder that led up to the rooftops. It was the perfect chance to escape because the ninjas were looking for us on the ground. As fast as I could I climbed up, holding (S/N) close to me and using all of my strength that I had in my legs. But I wasn't quiet enought, because of the ninjas jumped up to my eye level and was about to take my shoulder, but missed and took (S/N's) scarf instead. I continued climbing, but the ninja used it's claws to grab me by the waist on one side and the same to (S/N) on the other. As pain shot through bybody, I kicked the ninja with my foot, sending it flying down and crashing to the ground. I didn't look back because I felt another one coming up the ladder to make a try.

When I was close enough to the roof so I almost jumped up and started running away, not even bothering to be quiet. After what seemed like hours, I looked back but only saw the darkness that covered the roof tops. No ninja in sight, not up here, and not down there.

I walked over to a corner and sat down, but ummidietly noticed something wet on my hand, the hand that was around (S/N). I looked at (S/N) and saw her half open eyes. A huge wound was on her side after that ninja. I ummidietly felt my eyes tearing up as I tried to calm my breathing.

"(Y/N)..." (S/N) almost whispered to me. I hugged her close, not wanting to let go as my eyes were wide open and filled with sadness.

I knew what would happen

"Yes?" I said in a quiet tome.

"Are we home yet?" she asked in the same quiet tome. All I could do was nod and squeeze her tighter.

"Daddy is making hot chocolate for you, and mommy will soon be back with you favorite movie."

 "It's our movie night tonight, remember?" I said, my voice braking at some part in to whispers.

"Will you stay with me the whole night, like you always do on Friday nights?" She asked, breaking in to whispers, while a tear ran down my cheek.

"Of course silly, I'll fight your nightmares away like I always do. I'll stay with you I promise." I said and hid my face in her tiny little shoulder. Not long after, (S/N) became completely still. I looked up with wide eyes, and shook her a little. But, she would not wake up. I hid my face in her shoulder again and started crying while stroking her tiny head with my hand.

Raph's P.O. V

"Daddy is making hot chocolate for you, and mommy will soon be back with you favorite movie. It's our movie night tonight, remember?" The girl said quietly, her voice was breaking in to tiny whispers on a few words, but she talked loud enough for me and my brothers to hear. Mikey was crying, while everyone else was looking at the girl and her little sister with sadness and disappointment.

We were not quick enough this time to save someone's life

"Will you stay with me the whole night, like you always do on Friday nights?" the younger one finally said in a small and weak whisper as a tear ran down the older one's cheek.

"Of course silly, I'll fight your nightmares away like I always do. I'll stay with you I promise." She said and buried her face in to her little sister's shoulder.

About three seconds the little girl's eyes went completely blank as her body got still. She older one looked up with wide eyes, shaking her sister a bit before hiding her face again and starting to cry. I didn't know her, but I wanted to cry myself with her, this all happened because I wasn't quick enough. I was so busy getting mad atMikeyy for being to childish and slow that I didn't even se what happened.

With a few hesitations I started to go forward, but got stopped by Leo's hand on my shoulder.

"What ere you doing?" He scream-whispered to me. But I shook his hand off and began to walk forward. The girl didn't even notice me standing right in front of her.

"I'm sorry for your sister." I said, that made her look up faster than a second and stare at me.

"I'm sorry for not being able to save your sister. Me and my brothers killed the ninjas, but not fast enough." I said again and motioned for my brothers to step out in to the light. She gave them the same look like she gave me.

"It's our fault - we're really sorry." Leo said and took a few steps forward. The girl looked down at her sister for a moment before rising to her feet.

"It's okay." She said. Now it was our time to stare in pure shock at her and say 'WHAT?!' at the same time.

"It's okay, after all, she's in a better place now" She said and started to break down in to tears again.

"Where all of her dreams will come true, a place with no pain or sadness like here" She continued and hugged her sister tighter.

"You're right." I said after a while. She looked up at me again but with more calm eyes.

"She is in a much better place, where no one will be able to hurt her and where no nightmares will be able to reach her. Because she knows that her older sister will be fighting them away for her - just like she promised." I said calmly, something that was unusual for me to do, and I also got the most un expected reaction from her
A smile

A really small one, but clearly a smile

After that I followed her home because my brothers went out, looking for more ninjas and kraang to fight. Her parents got scared as hell and started crying just like she've done in the beginning when they saw their youngest child dead. She explained that she got attacked and was not able to get her sister home un harmed, she herself was covered in wounds, dirt, sweat and blood. Her parents called the police not long after, and a few hours later, I found myself watching her crying herself to sleep with one of many pictures of her sister in her hand

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