When you find something secret: Mikey

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Master Splinter had make Mikey clean his room after both of you literally had a food fight. At the moment, you both were in his room, cleaning up the mess. It was going well, until you found something that clearly embarrassed Mikey.

The mask he used while going to birthday parties to entertain kids. He was calling it 'Entertainment Mask'. Okay, you didn't ask him what he called it. It was written on the backside of it with marker.

"I told you, I'm not putting it on again" Mikey wined as you tried putting it on him. You made puppy dog eyes. His greatest weakness. It didn't take long for him to throw his hands up in to the air and give up.

After putting it on, you instantly began laughing, since thus was something that he was wearing while working.


You suddenly found yourself on the floor, holding your stomach as tears ran down your cheeks. The sight was just so cute and funny that even an angry and mean old man would've lost it and started laughing.

Out of nowhere, Mikey suddenly pinned you down, making your laughter stop. It was still there and wanted to come out, but you bit your lip and used every single second on concentrating on not laughing. He slowly slid both of your hands above your head and grabbed on to your wrists with one of his hands. He then used his free hand to slide his 'Entertainment Mask' off, his bandana following slightly with it. It didn't come off, the ends just swinged down on to his shoulder. Now that was a sexy look. Not only that, Mikey wasn't wearing his usual smile.


He looked almost serious about something. You began to blush at him he was looking down at you. If you could se what's in his mind, you would've sworn that you looked like a tasty piece of pizza to him. He looked like he wanted to just eat you up. And when he liked his lips, things didn't get any better.

He slowly leaned down to you, foreheads touching.

"You know that I don't like it when people are telling me what to do, don't you?" He said before kissing you on the corner pf your lips, almost teasing you.

"So now, I'm not going to do anything that you tell me to do." He said before leaning down to kiss your neck. You shivered at his touch. Especially when he bit down a little bit. After that, he mooved on to your collarbone, sliding your shirt down a little bit with his free hand. You blushed madly vit didn't say anything

How could something so yung and innocent be so good as something like this? He wasn't your first boyfriend, but hev was treating you better than anyone else. He was gentle with you and treated you like a lady. He didn't hurt you, all he did was make you and your body feel loved.

After a little while of liking, biting and sucking on your neck, he moved up to your face again. He giggled a little bit when he saw the massive blush on your face.

"Maybe that's enough for today" He whispered, you were about to say something until Master Splinter's voice interrupted you.

"Yes, I think that too."

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