Confession: Michaelangelo

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It was a beautiful night. People were out on dates or going home from work. Teenagers were out to have some drinks and some social time. In other was a normal Friday night.
You were sitting on your balcony, reading a book and used the lights in the living room as help so that you could se the pages. All of the sudden, Mickey jumped down in front of you. You nearly dropped the book when he did so.
"Mickey, you gave me a heart attack!" You whisper screamed. He apologized and sat down next to you. He seemed different today. A bit too quiet. You didn't mind that, maybe he thought about something important.
"Do you want to be my girlfriend?" He asked out of the blue. You looked up at him. Asking someone a question like that made everyone nervous. But Mickey seemed calm, as if he just asked if could get a cookie. He was looking at his lap and held his hands together like he prayed.
You got closer to him, to see if he was really serious. He was. When he saw that you was looking at him, he looked up at you.
"I can't get you out of my mind. Your hair looks so soft that it's a challenge for me to keep my hands away from it. Your eyes are gorgeous, like (E/C) diamonds. Your body is so tiny and cute, make me want to hug you all day long." He started while looking at you. But then he looked down at his lap again.
"But, look at me. I'm huge compared to you sweet cheeks. Every time I hold your hand, I'm afraid that if I squeeze it the slightest, I'll brake it." You looked at him with shock in your eyes. But soon, you softened up. Giggling quietly, you got up and hugged him. He hugged you back carefully, but lovingly.
You didn't have to say it. He understood what your answer was. And the rest of the night, you spent your time cuddled up on the floor next to each other while holding hands...sleeping piecefully.

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