Meeting April and Casey (Request): Donatello

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You were trying to do some homework. (W/S) homework. But this time, you didn't want to be with Donnie since he looked to be more serius than usual. He kept mumbling to himself, scratching the back of his neck and his head. He was really focused in other words, so you didn't want to bother him.

But after about 20 minutes of trying to figure out the answer to a question you gave up and took out your headphones. They usually calmed you down when you were stressed out or just had a brain storm.

Putting on a random song, You found yourself singing in Japanese. You red the translation to the text and had every word in your head. So you sang just as a Japanese person.

Suddenly, you felt like you were being watched. You turned around and saw a boy and a girl standing behind you, both of them holding in laughter. You started singing again, performing for them, and making them burst out laughing.

Im here, soba ni iru kara
Call me, boku ga iru kara
Trust me, mou nani mou osorenaide
My dear, mienai itou de
Trust me, tsunagatte iru kara
Tada kanjitte iite kono nukumori

When the song ended, you bowed as they applauded. You stretched out your hand and introduced yourself.

"April O'Neil"

"Casey Jones"

After that you started talking about everything, getting to know each other. But when. Donnie came out he quickly walked over to you, took up your notebook at lightly hit your head with it.

"You should be doing your hinework young lady." He said smirking. You stuck out your tounge, making him smile

"Maybe, but meeting these maniac's was more entertaining."

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