When you find something secret: Tigerclaw

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Tigerclaw had to work extra today, leaving you alone in his apartment. It was around midnight and you layed in his bed, trying to sleep. But it just wasn't comfortable without him. You were used to have your head on his chest and not on the pillow, and since his arm is really heavy, the blanket on your waist felt like nothing. Plus, it was cold.

After another hour to try and sleep, you finally got enough. You got up and decided to read a little bit while waiting for Tigerclaw.

On your way out og the bed, you accidentally stepped on to something cold. Looking down at it, you saw that it was a black leather belt. Curiosity instantly took over as You bent down and pulled the belt out.

It turned out to be a...vest of some sort made out of belts and metal on the back that looked like some sort of holders. Seing that made you bend down and look underneath the bed where a hard case was laying. You furrowed your eyebrows and took the case out. It didn't have any dust on it, only scratch marks.
You opened it and saw two rocket's of some sort. It didn't take you long to understand what you just found, and thinking about what you could do made you smirk evily.


Tigerclaw had just closed the door and took off his bag that he had hanging on his shoulder. After stepping in quietly, he went in to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of milk. (What a cat you are Mr.Tiger) After he had turned around to walk in to his room, he suddenly stopped in his tracks and stared at you that was now flying upside-down, fave to face with a smirk on your face.

"You know, you really shouldn't leave me alone for that long, who knows what I'll find next time you have to work extra?"

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