When he sees you at School: Leo

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This was supposed to be a chapter about when he sees you working, but I couldn't come up with anything good, so I tool school. I'm sorry of it wasnt something that you expected.

Leo's P.O.V

(Y/N) was outside with her class, playing Tennis for P.E. I was right by her the whole time, but had a big hood on, a pair of black pants and black shoes. Nobody knew who I was, so everyone ignored me. Most if them probably thought that I was someone's brother or cousin. They didn't mention anything.

When a new game began, (Y/N) it was up next against an other guy. He started off my throwing the ball in to the air, and then smacking it down with all his might. (Y/N) passed it to the next side with the very same force. It went on like that for a while, and (Y/N) was winning with 7 - 4. I couldn't help but smile at that, seing how good she is when she's focused on something. Her talents will be really useful in my family. She's learning new things fast, and skills them perfectly too.

Suddenly, the guy passed the ball to her in a not nice way. He threw it to the side, forcing (Y/N) to run to the other side and strength her arm out as far as she could. Al though, I guess that she knew that doing that wouldn't help at all. So she threw herself on her back, did a backflip over her shoulder, got up her feet again and smacked the ball to the other side, just as evily and he had thrown it at her.

I did not expect that, I was sitting with my mouth open! It looked like she was flying above the ground, but I knew that she didn't. She was just really skilled.

Just as I reacted, most of classmates did as well. Some opened their mouths and made surprised sounds, while others were saying stuff like:

"That's impossible!"

"How did she do that?"

I smiled right after hearing her teacher say that she won. She threw her arms ln to the air, before collapsing on her knees and start panting. I was so proud of her. She never gave up, and completely ignored all of the different looks her classmates gave her. Some even commented, bit did it quietly.

After that I got up and started making my way back to the lair. I was slightly tired since my day was the human's night.

An I just hope that (Y/N) didnt se me

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