He want to me with you: Raphael.

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Raphs P.O.V

It was getting on my nerves. I couldn't get (Y/N) out of my head, at all. Whenever I red my magazines I always imagine her sitting next to me. Or when I'm taking a nap I always dreamt of feeling her lips on mine. Because of her, I was growing soft on the inside, and that's not something good. My brother's would start to tease me about it or just simply not recognize me.

That's enough! I have to see her.

I need to

A few minutes later I stood outside of her window, the same window that we texted through. Surprisingly,  she was awake and walked around her room, cleaning it up a bit while signing beautifully.
It was lovely to hear.
Making me want to forget about everything around me and just live in my own little world while feeling my heart beat faster in my chest. Suddenly she stopped, I opened my eyes that I didn't even know we're closed and looked through the window. But had to close them quickly because I saw her standing in her underwear. Sure, her back was towards me, but the way her armes moved it looked like she was going to take her br-
Quit imagining things! 
You're NOT  a pervert!
I screamed in my head as I shook it violently. But the sight of her back kept coming back in my brain over and over again.

"Man..This was a horrible idea."

"What's a horrible idea?" I suddenly heard (Y/N) say. I jumped and looked over to the window, swing her now look at me with her gorgeous eyes and with a tank top on...I mumbled small things to myself, searching for an answer but only earned a chuckle from her.

"Oh...I get it now-" she started but didn't finish it because of me. I ran off, leaving her there, confused and probably scared by my actions.

She will probably hate me the next day.

Your P.O.V

"Raph...you could just tell me what you were doing there....I wouldn't say anything mean to you...After all. I know you well enough to know that if you would end up at my place,  then it would be for good reason..." I said to myself while closing the window, but not going to bed without pressing my palm against the glass and kissing it gently.

Imagining that Raph was there

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