When he's sad: Leonardo

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Leo's P.O.V

As me and my brothers went home from another mission, I was doing my best too keep tears inside me. Mikey got hurt, badly hurt and it was all my fault. Okay, well maybe not, it was everyone's fault. But at the moment, not only everyone around me, but I blamed myself too. I couldn't even look in to my brothers' eyes anymore. So I kept my fave down and eyes on my feet as I walked.

As soon as I stepped in, (Y/N) ran twoards me with a cheerful smile. I forced one up on my fave as well and hugged her back. But then, she saw Donnie carrying Mikey bridal style. She instantly began to worry and stepped away from me.

"What happened?" She asked and looked at both of my brothers.

"Someone led us in the wrong direction, that's what happened!" Raph snapped and looked at me. I didn't see it since my shell was twoards them.

"I'm in my room" I said and walked twoards my room, ready to lock myself in there and cry my eyes out.

No one's P.O.V

You walked in to Leo's room right after helping Donnie with fixing Mikey's cuts and bruises. And what met you there didn't surprise you at all. Leo was laying sideways in his bed, crying in to the blanket. His katana's was laying in the corner of the room, as if he had throw them there with force.

You calmly closed the door behind you and walked over to him. He noticed your presence and buried his face in to the blanket, not wanting to show his tears for you.

You sat down on the corner of the bed and took his hand. That made him look up at you. You smiled sadly and bent down to hug him, but he refused.

"A hug can't fix my mistake. Sorry but it can't." He choked out through tears. Al though the did stop you. You leaned down and forced him in to your arms. The problem was that you had to get up from the bed and do it, making his face now land in to your chest. You blushed slightly while he did the same since he didn't expect you to do something like this.

After a while, he hugged you back around your waist. You put one of your hands on the back of his head, the other one around his shell, and pulled him closer. He relaxed a lot after you did so, so much that his arms went lower and lower until the were only hanging by his sides.

"I may not be able to fix your 'misstake', but at least I can make you feel better. Right?" You asked and kissed his head. He smiled and nodded. You stayed like that for a while. Sometimes you would pet his head slightly while ne huzzled hus nose even deeper in to your chest.

After he had stopped crying, he pulled away from you and wiped some dry tears out of his eyes. You helped him out by wiping of tears from his cheeks. He smiled cheerfully at this.

Out of the blue. He grabbed you by the waist and pulled you down on to the bed faster than you could even blink. Then, he collapsed next to you and wrapped his arms around you. You smiled at his childish behavior, but just rolled with it and hugged him back. H

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