When he's cleaning his room to a funny song: Raphael

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After you were done grocery shopping, you went down to the lair to give the guy's some snacks that you baught. It was something you just began to do after you found out that pizza weren't the only thing that the guy's would like to eat every night.

"My Anaconda don't. My Anaconda don't. My Anaconda down want unless you got buns hun~."

You suddenly heard a very familiar voice echo through the whole sewer when you finally reached it. You wanted to just stay away, knowing that your curiosity would get you in to trouble later, but no matter how much you tried to stay away, you just couldn't. After all that struggling, you made your way twoards Raph's room, and greeted with the most unexpected sight EVER!!!

"My Anaconda don't want unless you got buns hun~." Raph sang as he slapped his ass with his sie, while using the other one to hold in a cloth and wipe off dust from the bookshelf.

Your first reaction was to run away. Faster than the speed of sound and laugh with all your might. Which you did.

You were sure that your laughter was echoing through the whole sewer, because tou suddenly heard the signing stop.


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