When he's human: Donnie

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Donnie's P.O.V

I was yet again in my lab, trying to invent something new, something that will make my brothers actually impressed. And what is better than making something that could turn us humans? That's how I ended up doing this watch. I actually only took a watch from the garbage, cleaned it up and replaced everything inside with other things.

It was time to try it out. I walked in to my room, put on the watch and turned it to the right, making sparks cone from it. I paniked, trying to take it off so that the electricity won't kill me. But the panic made my hands all shaky. When the biggest spark came, I fell down on my knees, waiting for death, but gelt nothing.

"Donnie?" I suddenly heard (Y/N) say behind me. I turned to look at her, my entire body shaking. She stood by the doorway, her bag in her hands and a confused look on her face, as if she was trying to figure out is it really was me she was looking at. I chocked out her name, fear clear in my voice. She then ran over to me and fell down on her knees, taking my labcoat and putting it over me. She didn't seem to mind that I was missing my shell and that my entire body was visible. She didn't even blush.

"Are you okay?" She then asked me, worry clear in her voice as she grabbed my shoulders. Since I was still a bit scared, I couldn't say anything. My voice just didn't want to work. So I just nodded instead. Al though, I should said 'no' Because at this point I was so close to think that I would die.

She sighed in relief and hugged me. Tightly. I hugged her back, my arms making shaky movements. She noticed this and started rubbing my now bare back, then rocking us back and forth.

After a while, I began to calm down, bit before I knew it, I became too calm and fell asleep, leaving (Y/N) having to carry me. Poor thing.

Your P.O.V

I slowly carried Donnie twoards the bed he had in his lab. After I had put him down on it, I covered him up woth the blanket and puffed the pillows slightly. Then, I began to look at his features, taking in every detail pf his perfect face. Even as human.
His cheekbones were visible, strong. The eyelashes were long, even longer than mine and was completely black, not blonde on the edges. His lips looked to be even softer than before, and was so glossy that I almost began to wonder if he had put some lip-gloss on them before I got in to his lab. His hair was black, but had some golden brown gloss to it, even while a blue lamp was shining on it. His skin was pale, almost white because of the light, but the rosy color on his cheeks was still visible.

Damn he's beautiful.

Before I walked out, I looked back at him with a smile, thinking of how lucky I am to have him. But as I closed the door, a sudden urge to go back in and pull of the blankets came. The thought of this thing made me slightly curius.

And sometimes, curiosity can be a bad thing

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