(Bonus Chapter) Poem

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You were constantly with him, just as he was with you. He was everything to you and everywhere. Even in your head
So one night, you got a dream about him. It wasn't anything too much, just enough for you to see how good person he was and how lucky you are to have him. Even if he may seem a little bit different from others, he's your special treasure.

The dream was so strong, that you remembered exactly what happened in it. You even remembered his words. Words that no other guy would even come up with for a special project.

Ever since we've met
I can't forget your face
You make the moon blush in shame
The stars upon the sky, painting gracefully
They're nothing compared your beauty

After you had written in down, you red it out loud to yourself, admiring the masterpiece in front of you. You honestly wanted to share the poem with Google, but decided not too.
This was something that he said especially to you. Not people that needed some advice on poems or something to copy for a school project.

This should be private. This was a memory you would cherish for a long time. And on your anniversary, you would tell him about the dream, and read it out loud to him.

Hi guy's. Sorry of this chapter is short, I've hit a wall like most writes do. I know what chapter I'll upload next, but I don't know how everything will be in it. And because of all the fun requests it's almost hard to focus on just one.

The poem is written by me, and what you just red is only a part of it. I will use the rest of it for other chapters. Hope you enjoyed this chapter, and please tell me about the poem in the comments!!!

PS: I'll also try to remake the poem in to a song, sing it and ask one of my friends for help with the music, then I'll show it to you by writing a chapter and adding that song. I hope that it will work, and if not, then I'm sorry.

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