When he sees you naked:Mikey

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Today was probably the hottest day of the year. And even if it was nighttime, the streets were covered with an unbarable heat .

This is one of the nights that you would spend underneath your blanket, but completely naked. Even wearing underwear would made you sweat.

You've never told Mikey this, since it would be extremely embarrassing and he would probably think you're wired or something. Keeping secrets wasn't hard for you, so you were gladly keeping this one.

At around midnight, the blanket had to get replaced by a sheet because of the amount of sweat that your body produced to cool of. It was later thrown in the laundry.
The sheet did help, but you were still sweating. Your body looked like it had glitter spread all over it and taking a shower was a bad idea. You didn't have any hot water after midnight. Sure, it was cold, bit way too cold to not get sick the next day.

After a few turns and tosses, you threw the sheet down so that it only covered your lower body.

Suddenly, a knock could be heard from your window. You didn't bother to open it, you just pulled the sheet over you again and sighed as the heat came back.

"Mikey. You can come in" You said. Despite the cars and the noise outside, your voice filled the room and made it echo through your ears.
Mikey opened the window and stepped in, a fan on his hands that used battery and had a water bottle underneath it so that the fan sprayed water while spinning. Mikey had used it some other times when it was hot, and if Mikey says it's hot outside, then I is really hot.

After he greeted you with a normal "What's up dudette?" he layed in the bed next to you and moved the fan above you so that it sprayed water on both of you. You moaned in pleasure quietly when the cold water hit your face, and you just had to silently move the sheet a little bit lover to make sure that your chest got cold as well. Mikey looked wiredly at you, not even knowing about the nakedness underneath such a small sheet.

"Why don't you take that off, it'll help you get colder" He said and touched the edge of the blanket. You grabbed his wrist out of pure panik and kept it there so that he would take the sheet off of you. A mad blush could also be seen on your face.

"No Mikey. I can't" Another echoe could be heard in the room. The look on Mikey's face made it clear that he was confused, so, you took a breath - a deep one - and started talking.

"Mikey, you can't take the sheet off because....eh..because I'm naked." The last word came out in an embarrassing whisper. Mikey got so shocked that he bolted up from the bed so fast that you lost the grip on his wrist. He didn't realize though that he was still holding in the sheet, so when he jumped up, the unbelievable happened.

Your now, completely bare body was visible in Mikey's eyes. The shock that overcome you was too big for you to handle and be able to control your body. Mikey then threw the blanked back on you again and - with a few hesitations - layed back next to you again, blushing madly at what he had just seen. You had a matching blush on your face and started silently twirl a piece of your hair around you finger. It slowed down though when Mikey rolled over to his side and faced you with a forced smile to take away the awkwardness.

"Feeling cooler?" He asked before smirking.

"Or should I take it off again?"

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