When he's cleaning his home to a funny song: Tigerclaw

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It was one of those day's when you would spend the night with Tigerclaw. So at the moment, he was cleaning his apartment to make it look welcoming when you would get here. Everything was clean, except the bathroom. He knew that you loved taking bubble baths here with him (not naked!!!) so he decorated the bathtub with white roses and candles with a beautiful scent, (C) (scent) actually.

Your favourite.

When you got there, you took off your shoes and polightly put them to the side so that they would be in the way. Then you hung your jacket and bag on the hanger and began to make your way in to the living room. Everything smelled so clean and fresh that you just had to sniff a little. You closed your eyes and hummed along with the song that played around the apartment.

Wait a minute...song?

You opened your eyes and listened, ummidietly recognizing the song as the most passionate song in the world.

Careless Whisper

Then you began their signing coming from the bathroom. You walked over and opened the door a little bit, seing something that you were somewhat expecting, and somewhat not.

Tigerclaw stood in front of the big mirror, wiping of the dust and fingerprints that appeared magically. No really, both you and Tigerclaw had no idea where they came from, and began to suspect that someone was hiding in the apartment. After a few weeks of searching and founding nothing, you just gave up and decided to just clean them up once in a while.

He was wearing a pair of black pants that was being held up by a black belt, and was walking around shirtless. It was a heavenly sight to you, but you didn't mention it because it was totally embarrassing.

When the song came to the saxophone part, in other words the most romantic part of the song, he began to sing a little louder and closed his eyes. You could easily tell that he has been signing it many times, because he bailed every single tune perfectly. His voice didn't crack, it just made those lovely wave effects. And his naturally deep voice made it even better. And when he sang the low tones, the whole song just seemed more passionate than before.

More than Perfect in other words.

When he opened his eyes and noticed you, he stopped signing and turned around to face you. You had a warm smile on and leaned on the doorframe. He smiled when he saw you and paused the music.

"Hello there. Enjoyed the show?" He asked while wrapping his arms around your waist. He giggled and hugged him back, burying your face in to his chest woth a dreamily and relaxing sigh.

"Very. You're so good at signing that I was almost thinking about recording it." You confessed. He hugged you tighter and made smirked. You looked up at him, smiling slightly when his furr tickled your face.

"Then maybe I'll sing it to you when we're taking a bubble bath later." He said, making your eyes sparkle.

"Really?" You asked almost dreamily. He chuckled and nodded.


The hot water that was surrounding you relaxed you in a way nothing else could. The bubbles gave out a fresh scent that later soaked in to your skin and made you smell clean for a few days. Tigerclaw's arms were wrapped protectively around your shoulders. His furr was wet from the water, making it stick to him and showing his forearm muscles clearly. His chest too, but it was softer that it looked, like a pillow. You sat in-between his legs and leaned your back against his chest. His chin was placed on top of your head and you could feel him smile once in a while, making you smile back.

Right after you two got in - him first and you last - you both sunk in to a comfortable silence. It was almost like your little routine. Taking a bubble bath in silence while listening to each other's breathing.

After a while you decided to turn around and hug him back. He wad always hugging you so not it was your turn. He understood what you wanted to do and let you go. When you wrapped your arms around him, you was settled down on his lap. He chuckled and hugged your small shoulders again. The bubbles that was stuck to your skin was now gone.

The silence didn't take over tjis time though, because it was replaced my his deep and charming voice signing Careless Whisper

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