When everyone finds out: Donatello

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Donnie's P.O.V

After what happened between me and (Y/N), I tried to cover my happiness as best as I could. It worked for about 5 hours until Master Splinter called me in to his room. I knew right away that I was in trouble. All of my brothers looked at me as if I just fell off a chair or something.

The talk went quite well in the beginning. Quite well. I lied a lot, but he didn't notice anything. Or at least I thought so.

The next day I decided to go see (Y/N). But in case she was busy, I would just sit by and watch her. I knew that that's something only perverts or stalkers so, but my curiosity got bigger with each second. I wanted to se how things were when she wasn't around me, in case there's something awful going on that she hasn't told me yet.

When I was about to leave, I looked all over the place to make sure no one followed me. When I saw that everyone was busy with their own thing, I started running towards (Y/N's) apartment.

When I was there, the first things I saw was (Y/N) in the living room. She was laying on the floor on her back, her legs were on the couch and a fluffy pillow in her arms. Her eyes were closed. It almost looked like she was sleeping, but I knew she wasn't. Maybe she was just resting from homework or something. Suddenly, her mom walked in to the room, holding a lot of boxes in her hand, each of them looked to be quite heavy. (Y/N) jumped up on to her feet and took some of the boxes. She almost dropped them to the ground because of their weight.
I chuckled.

"And what are you chuckling about young man?" I suddenly hear Sensei behind me. I jumped and turned around, seeing not only sensei there, but brothers as well.

"Sensei told us that you were hiding something, and lying isn't nice. So we all decided to follow you here." Raph said and crossed his arms. They all nodded and looked back to (Y/N's) apartment. I turned as well, now seeing her and her mom looking through all of the boxes while sitting on the carpet.

Suddenly, (Y/N) furrowed her eyebrows and stared at something in the box.

"Eh, mom?...what's this?" She asked her mom and held up something purple, glittery and lacy. Her mom laughed and held it up a bit more. (Y/N) blushed a deep red color as soon as the thing was completely revealed.

It was an underwear set.
A corset, small underwear and over knee socks made of white fabric. I was pretty sure that there was a tight necklace or something as well. (Y/N) started breathing faster, but told her try to control her breathing. I would have told her the same thing. When she started breathing normally again, she continued to look though the box while her mom set the underwear set to the side. They both found a lot of clothes, most fancy or really proper. Suddenly a smile crept on (Y/N's) face. She pulled out a long white dress. Her mom sighed dreamily and leaned her head on her hands.

"It's your wedding dress mom!" (Y/N) said happily and stood up to present it a bit for her mom. Her mom stood up, took the veil and placed it on her daughters head.

"Do you want to wear it when you get married?" Her mom asked and she nodded her head quickly.

"Of course mom, and I already know who I'll marry!" She laughed while looked at the dress. I felt everyone's eyes turn to me. It wasn't awkward or anything, it just felt wired, hearing her say that.

"Okay then" Her mother said.

After a while, (Y/N) wanted to take a break from the boxes. Her mom nodded and waved her away. She went out and climbed up the fire-escape all the way up to the rooftop.
Bunt she didn't notice that the veil was still on her head and halfway to the roof, it fell off. I jumped down and got it before it had a chance to touch the dirty ground. I wasn't even thinking when I did so, it was like a reflex of some sort.
Then I looked up at my family, who were now grinning from ear to ear. I rolled my eyes and climbed up to the roof. (Y/N) was already there, looked over the edge to se if she could find it. I went behind her and put it on her head. She didn't move, she just stood still and let me do my work. When I was done, she turned around and gave me the biggest hug ever, even bigger that Mikey's hugs.

"Thank you Donnie. You just saved my, eh...non existing shell?" She mumbled against my neck. I could not help but laugh. She joined me not too long after, but then pulled away slightly.

"Hey...Don?" She asked quietly. I nodded my head and answered with a 'mhm'.

"I may be wrong, and you have a better sixth sense than I do, but"
I got a little bit concerned

"It...it feels like I'm being watched. And not by you...by someone else." She said and looked at me, worry all over her face.

"You're right, we are being watched." I repeated.

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