When you text/ hang out: Mickey

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Ever since that day you met Mikey again, you didn't think about anything else than the perfect chance for you to dance with him again. His moves was absolutely ridiculous, but that's what made him Mikey. If f you could, you would have gladly called him and invited him over to your apartment again just to dance a little bit. But you didn't have his number so you had absolutely no way of contacting him.

Later that night,  you decided to get some fast food from the nearest shop. But on your way there you heard someone creaming. Fear overtook you as you watched a woman ran out of an alley, creaming at the top of her lungs. You stopped her and tried to get some words out of her. The only thing she managed to say was "freak" and "turtle". You told her to calm down and just walk home. She did just like you said, and you now had a perfect opportunity to figure out if someone really was there.
When you looked in to the alley you found Mikey sitting on a trash can with his head down. You walked up to him and patted his shoulder. He instantly looked up at you and smiled when he saw your face.
"You okay there?" You asked him even though you knew what his answer would be.
"Sort of, and sort of not." He said.
"Well, in that case, let's go so I can cheer you up at my place, Kay?" You asked, he nodded and followed you.

When you was there you turned on tons of colorful lights that you could find and asked him what he wanted to do. He smiled a huge smile, and looked over at the speakers. I instantly knew what he was thinking about. Withought any words i walked over and turned on the last song he heard when he was here. As soon as the music started playing he smiled and started to dance. I giggled and joined him.
After a few hours of just dancing, a song or tango came up. At this point he got serius.
He reached his hand for me as i gladly took it. Dancing tango wasn't something i was good at, but Mikey made it easier for me by being the leader while i followed him.

In the end, we ended up in that classic tango position (look at the picture), panting slightly, but then collapsed on to the sofa. Because of how tired i was, i fell asleep there even with all the lights on and the music still playng.

The next day i woke up by the sun that way shining in my eyes. As i opened them i remembered what happened the day before. As a smile crept up my face and i was on my way to the kitchen, i felt something behing my ear. Taking it out of my hair, i saw a piece of paper with Mikey's number on it. I grinned and took my phone.

You: Hello there Mikey!
Mikey: Morning dudette
You: How'd you leave the number behind my ear like that withough having it fall of or something?
Mikey: Your ears are big, it was easy.
You: . . . why thank you. . .
Mikey: Sorry Dudette. By the way, you're a good dancer!
You: Thank you!
Mikey: Again some other time? ;)
You: Why not? :D

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