New start

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Years has past since then. Your parents has called you a lot of times, telling you how proud they were over you. To make them stay away from you and your family, you called them and told them that you've found a good job and decided to live in the other country. They believed you.

You and (T/N) had found an abandoned house outside of New York, and while (C/N) (Child/Name) was growing up and maturing to a yung boy, you and your husband fixed the house up so that it was suitable. It's was beautiful now.

With it's repainted walls and a new roof, it's was almost shining. Inside was like a castle. You had found a job, and got enough paid. The family that you had was nothing like what you had imagined, and you've told (T/N) that a lot of times. He would only laugh and kiss your forehead.

Al though, it's what's the problem. It's nothing like what you had imagined. You felt bad for your kid...

No school, no real grandparents...not even a single friend.

In soon 15 years...

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