When you wear a kimono: Raphael

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You were at the Lair again, looking through some pictures with Master Splinter while the guy's were out on patrol. It was relaxing to talk with Master Splinter like this. You've found piece and stillness inside you, something you've never done before. It seemed like all the stress and worry suddenly dissappeared completely.

Suddenly, you found a golden komigimo in the box of photos. Master Splinter looked at it and smiled, but then took it out of your hands. You were about to ask you why he had a golden komigimo, but didn't get the chance to because he lifted you up to your feet by taking your hands.

"Let's give Raphael a little surprise."

Raph's P.O.v

I came home tiredly, my feet were about to give up when I saw Master Splinter stand by his door, hands locked together and a serious look on his face. Okay? I just came home and already in trouble. Or maybe it was because I broke Donnie's Bo-staff in half during practice today.

"Raphael, come here my son." He said, I sighed in annoyance and waked over to him. When I was about to ask what he wanted, he said:

"She's waiting in there."

I got confused but went in to his room, closing the door behind me. When I went in, the first thing I did was slapping my face.

(Y/N) was dressed in a red kimono. A yellow and orange belt was tied tightly around her waist, and a golden komigimo held it in place. The arms went all the way down to her feet, and had goldfishes sewn in to the fabric with thin golden threads. A dragon was sewn with the same thin threads on her back. But not woth gold, but with deeper and lighter shades of red. It was beautiful. Her hair was tied in a bun, and a single braid hung across her forehead. Golden and white flowers were decorating her head beautifully, red sapphires hung from the flowers, and made a little crystal clear sound when she moved her head  slightly.

She giggled at my reaction and walked twoards me. Oh, how I loved the sound of the crystals at this point. I took her hands in mine and looked at her with elevator eyes. She giggled again and looked down, making the candles Master Splinter always had lit up, light up her red-painted lips. It wasn't really clear. More like they were painted with red lip gloss or whatever it's called.

"Master Splinter wanted me to give you a little surprise."  (Y/N) said and looked up shyly.

"Do you like it?" She then asked. I was speechless. Never in my life had somebody given me something so beautiful and important. To explain my question without words, I leaned down and kissed her forehead.

"Like it? I love it. If you could only see yourself through my eyes, you'd never want to take that kimono off." I said after I leaned back again.

"But it looks like Sensei had forgotten to give your neck some space." I said and went to stand behind her. She followed me woth her head and looked at me questionly. I smirked slightly and explained.

"It's traditional. A lady wearing a kimono or yukata must have an open neck"

She pulled her head back and let me fix it. I took the corners of the kimono and pulled it slightly backwards. She followed my movements a bit. The feeling of her soft skin against my fingers made me want to kiss it. Not holding back, I ran my fingertips across her neck before leaning down and kissing it, making her shiver. My nose ending up in her hair, smelling her sweet shampoo. I didn't want to let go, not after feeling her shiver like that. It just made me want more, so I didn't hold back. I mooved to the side, now kissing her neck right under her cheekbone. She leaned her head to the side, letting me explore her neck. I smiled and moved upwards. Biting her ear slightly, she tensed up a bit.

"Sorry. Didn't you like it?" I asked after pulling away. She shook her head and turned around, exposing her flushed face. I laughed slightly.

"What if someone comes in?"  She asked. I though for a while before an idea came up in my mind, making me smirk down at her. A worried look appeared on her face. I led her to the door, placing my hand on her waist. She tensed my even more and looked at me.

"Let's continue this later in my room."

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