Sneaky picture girl: Mikey

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While Mikey was making pizza, your favorite thing to do was to sit next to him and watch as he practically danced by the counter, creating a total masterpiece. Okay, you taught him how to make a proper pizza. A pizza that didn't contain any worms, gummy bears and.marshmallows. So now, his brothers would sometimes ask him if he could make a certain pizza.

After a while of watching, a little idea came in to your head. Taking out your camera, you snapped a picture of him. He was just flipping the dough. His hands was in the air, the dough right above them. Some flour was visible by it too. Mikey was looking up at it with a smile on his face and sparkle in his eyes. By him was tomato sauce, some cheese and other stuff. You looked at it for a while, before looking back at him. He really liked this didn't he?

This picture showed very clearly what his passion was, besides earing the pizza of course. His brothers would never really understand it, since they all have their own little hubby or passion. It was just so sad that Mikey couldn't share his passion with someone else. You couldn't make pizza. Or well, you could,  but it never turned out as good as his. And he wasn't human, so he couldn't even make money for it.

But other than that, he was truly an amazing person, and he didn't need anyone else than you, his family and friends. Maybe it was better if no one knew his secret, because then everything special would be saved for the family.

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