The lair:Raphael

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I was looking through my desk, my closet, basically my whole room, trying to find my favorite picture of my sister (if you don't remember, then read: when you meet: Raphael).
I knew I had it somewhere here.
But suddenly it just dissappeared. The reason I wanted to find it so badly was because I've bought some frames to some of my favorite pictures. Every picture I chose was already hanging on my walls, it was the last one. I suddenly heard a knock on my window. I knew who it was right away, so I didn't even have to look out of the window.

"Come in!" I yelled and heard the window being opened, then footsteps. I continued looking, not even caring that Raph was probably looking at my booty right now.

"What are ya looking for?" he said in his usual tone. I sighed and rose up from my horse position.

"I'm looking for one of the pictures of my sister. She was sitting on a tree branch with flowers in her hand. Can you help me find it?" I asked him. He was quiet for a while before getting down on his knees and putting a hand on my shoulder.

"Already found it." He said and looked at me. I gave him a confused look and looked around the room.

"I don't see it..." I said when I was done looking around. He sighed and made me get up. I was about to ask him where he saw the picture, but was cut off by him lifting me up bridal style and carrying me outside. I wanted to ask where he was taking me, but decided not to because he wouldn't answer me anyway.

After a while of running and jumping, he stopped and put me down. I just followed him down the sewers, not saying anything. Suddenly, he took my hand and mentioned for me to get closer. I did.

"Look out for Mikey, he'll gladly hug you." Raph warned me and continued walking. I followed him in to of some sort. There was a sofa, TV, games, kitchen and a lot more. At this point, I was amazed. Speechless actually.

"Welcome (Y/N)." I suddenly heard Master Splinter say to me. I gladly thanked him and decided to follow Raph, since he didn't stop when Master Splinter came out of his room. He led me to a red door, but stopped right before opening it. I stopped as well.

"This may wake some painful memories, but..." He said and opened the door. It was Raph's room. Most of the things he had was red or black. A drum set was standing in the corner and his bed next to it. On the walls were posters, mostly of famous players. I turned around and looked as he closed the door and led me to his closet. When he opened it, not only was it filled with huge red hoodies, but also, there was an empty shelf with some flowers and candles. In between two red candles, was that picture that I was looking for. I felt my heart sink at the memory of my sister.

Raph must've sensed my discomfort, cause he put both of his hands on my shoulders and then let his muscular arms slowly wrap themselves around me. I didn't say a word at first, but then, it felt like I really needed to say something.

"Why do you have that picture here?"I asked him. His grip tightened.

"Because, loosing someone that important, it''s painful. I've been keeping it here for a while, praying for your sister, and for you when I had time. Sensei is doing that a lot, and it seemed to relax him. I tried, and you suddenly became, happier. I don't know if that was only coincidence, or magic, but I don't care. You seemed so lucky. You were always smiling. But, when you said you were looking for it, It just felt wrong to lie to you. So, I decided to show you."

He explained and turned me around, but he never let go of me. I didn't say anything at all. I just stood there, listening to him. Listening to him speak with such calm and gentle voice, a voice that you can't hear every day.

"People say, that love is keeping two souls together. I want you to remember her, and feel your sister in your heart. That way, you'll always be'll be strong. Strong enough for fight your sister's nightmares away" he said.
I suddenly remembered that I had said that before, on the night we met.

After a while of talking, I found myself laying on his bed with him next to me. I didn't feel sad or anything at the memory, just somehow relaxed. One of his arms were wrapped around me as I had one of my hands on his chest. My head on his shoulder and one of our legs were twirled around together. The silence was peaceful, because all I could hear was his steady breathing and heartbeat. I focused closely on it, and tried to follow it.

"Love you." I randomly said. He looked down at me and smiled a little, before getting that, confused yet happy and curious look. I don't really know how to describe it. His eyebrows were up, like he was about to cry, his eyes looked confused, almost sad. But his lips were curled up in to a small smile.

"Why?" he asked me.
I looked as of he was stupid.

"Why do you love me (Y/N)?" He repeated.

I was speechless. What should I say? I took a deep breath and sat up.

"Cause, you're beautiful. Both on the inside and outside. Those humans that saw you and ran away, they did a huge mistake. They didn't even look twice at you."

He looked away from me for a second before returning his gaze back

"I did, and I'm happy for it. You didn't hurt me in any way, you cheered me up when I needed it the most, took me to se wonderful places."
A smile spread across my lips.

"You've done things for me no one had ever done. You understand me. And you know?"
I said and leaned closer.

"It's not about seing a perfect person imperfectly, but seing an imperfect person perfectly. At first, I didn't like your name...but now I love it. I'll do anything to say it." I finished. He smirked slightly and tilted his head up a bit more.

"What's my name?" he asked me playfully.
"Raphael " I said and felt my smile get wider.
"Again... " He continued, now sounded even more playfull.
"Raphael, Raphael, Raphael. "I continued and went up.
"What's my middle name?"

I had to think for a moment about that. Then I turned to look at him.

"You don't have one, and even if you do you've never told me"

He sighed happily and placed his forehead on mine. It was warm, warmer than usual. Just by feeling his face so close made my palms almost sweat. My heart beat faster.

"I love it when you say my name.."
He almost whispered. I chuckled and kissed him lightly before yawning.

"Is the baby sleepy?" he asked in a playful tone.
I just nodded and layed my head down again. He put the blanket over us before drifting in to a deep sleep himself.

Soon, Leo entered the room.
"Hey Raph. Sensei want us to-" he stopped in his sentence at the sight. Smiling to himself, he motioned for Master Splinter in to get in the room. He did and smiled as well at the sight. Then, put a hand on his son's shoulder.

"Let them sleep." He said and walked away. Leo closed the door as quietly as possible before walking off to meditate with Master Splinter before going to sleep.

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