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When you meet

Your P.O.V

I have given up. It was no use in escaping, no use in even trying to. The chains on around my wrists and ankles are stopping me. No matter how much I try to shout for help, or move just slightly, I just whimper in pain. But who wouldn't? After all, I just got beaten up by a guy named Shredder. He's ordering me to say where someone is living. But I don't have and idea who he's talking about. And telling him that is just pointless. He'll beat me up just even more and let me slowly bleed to death.

"Where does the turtles live you brat!" He screamed in my fase as he kicked my stomach with force. I'm sure that my inner organs were only just mush by now. Since when I looked down, I only saw a big hole instead of my stumach. Shredder graned in annoyance and turned around, calling for someone.

"Y-y-y-yezzz...M-m-mazter." A fly suddenly came flying in to the room. Or, well...a human and fly at the same time. If i could, I would've screamed in terror, but nothing came out. Nothing and for some reason, it felt pathetic. I may have given up on escaping, but have I really stopped fighting at all?

"This useless brat won't tell me where the turtles and their master live. All she've said is that she dosen't know anything but her silence makes me think she does. Get the words out of her!" He screamed to the fly while pushing him twoards me harshly. The fly looked at me for a while, twitching once in a while, taking pieces of my hair out of my face and then grabbing my chin hardly. I closed my eyes, waiting for it to do something painful. But nothing came. Instead, he backed away and took out a wired-looking machine. All metal with some cables and needles.

"What's that?" Shredder asked uninpationally.

"T-t-t-t-this is a l-l-lie ditector. I c-c-can't g-get any w-words out of her in any o-o-other way." He said as he put the needles in my arms and started it. I felt electricity spread through my body as I lost even more control of my body.

"A-a-a-azzzk y-y-your question n-n-now. Mazzzzter." The fly said. Shredder came forward a few steps.

"Whre do the turtles live?" He asked me harshly and demanded and answer. I caughed out a little bit of blood before answering.

"I..I don't know." I answered. My voice filled with pain and exhastion. Shredder made a 'hmph' sound and slapped my face so hard that the sound propably echoed through the whole building.

"Liar!" He scremed.

"E-e-em...Maz-z-z-zter?" The fly said, making Shredder turn to him sharply.


"T-t-t-the g-g-girl is tel-l-l-ling t-t-the tru-u-uth." The fly said, meking Shredder turn twoards me slowly. Guilt somehow spreading in his face, or the part that was visible at least. I felt myslef relax a bit, knowing that he finally knew that I had no idea of what he was taling about. After that, he just made another 'hpmh' sound, and walked out of the room.

"Tigerclaw!" Shredder shouter angirly when he was almost by the door, and after not too long, a tiger-man came through the doors. I tried to look at them, but my blurry vision made it really hard at that point. So I just closed my eyes again and leaned my head down, hoping that I could just fall in to an endless sleep before Shredder ordered him to torture my as well.

"Take her out of here, I don't have any use of her anymore." Shredder ordered him and walked out of the room. The one know as Tigerclaw looked at me and walked twoards me. I didn't se it, but I felt his eyes on me. When I felt that he was near, I opened my eyes and tried to look up, but got stopped by the pain in my neck. He sighed and put all of the needles out of me and unknotted the chains around my hands and legs, making me suddenly feel the blood start to circulate in them again. There would be clear brusises tomorrow for sure, if there would even be a tomorrow.

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