New Life

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It was soon New Year

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It was soon New Year. Which meant that my parents would give me a New Year's present. Of course, they gave me Christmas gifts like anybody else, but the gifts I got each New Year was small stuff.
Like promises for example.
They were sometimes really small or really big. Two years ago my mom promised that she would bake sweets more often, which was really nice for me because even if I was a guy, I loved sweet stuff as much as a little girl. According to my mother.
My dad promised me that he would tell me a long held secret sometime soon. That's something I had been looking forward a long time, but I think now that he has forgotten all about it. Dad never seemed to be the type who forget things, but everyone forgets something at least 10 times in their life.

"Son? Can I talk to you for a while?" My dad suddenly showed up from my window. I glanced down at him from above the rooftop before lifting my head and looking back at the city that was close by. The big houses looked like glowing sticks in the dark. But way straighter and prettier.
My dad used his ninja skills and jumped up on to the rooftop and sat down next to me. Silence took over for a while before he turned towards me and took a deep breath.

"How about we go and see the rest of the family for New Year, son?"

I nearly chocked on my own spit at his words. Nearly.
Turning my head towards him, I got a glimpse of his face through the dark that surrounded us. It showed no sign of a joke. He looked at me dead serious in the yes and waited patiently for my answer.

My answer got nearly choked out because of the shock that took over me. This question was quite hard, so the only word I managed to get out was:


My dad seemed to understand that I had a lot of questions in my head that I wanted him to answer. This was such a new question to me that I honestly didn't even want to answer. My parents had always decided something and I just did as I was told
But for once, I got the chance to decide. For once, I got the chance to make my own choice and make my parents obey me.

The next morning I woke up to a smelling and absolutely mind-blowing smell. I got out of bed and put on my black mask and gear that my dad got for me when I just started training ninjutsu. On my way down I hear my parents talking.

"Do they know that we'll visit?" My mom's voice echoed from the kitchen that was right next to the stairs. My dad's voice followed after hers.

"Yeah. They do know. Sensei also knows about it and he looks forward to meet Night"
At the sound of my name being spoken in such a serius way made me shiver. I decided to pretend that I didn't hear and just continued down the stairway. The wonderful smell filled my nose and nearly my head at this moment.

"Good morning Sweetie. Did you sleep well?" My mother asked me and greeted me with a kiss on my forehead.

"No, not really" That answer made my parents a bit concerned. We sat down at the table and took what we wanted of was placed on the table. I wasn't especially hungry that morning so I just prepared some tea. My father had his own cup of tea/coffie that he sipped on once in a while.

"What happened honey? Why didn't you sleep well?" My mother questioned. I could tell that she wanted me to answer so that she'd know what to do in order to help me sleep.

"My dad had asked me such a surprising question before I went to bed last night that it kept me awake. I was wondering what I even put myself into when I didn't even receive and exploration"

At that my mother gave (T/N) a small glares and decided to put things in to her own hands. She leaned a bit twoards me and gave me that awfully familliar look. I knew what was about to happen.

Story time

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