He want to be with you: Mikey

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Mikey's P.O.V

I was dancing in my room. Making sure to make as funny moves as possible. Because then I would hear (Y/N) laugh again. And hearing that was a great thing, it made my whole day so much better. When I was done with around 5 moves that I myself almost died from seeing, I went to (Y/N's) house. But by the time I got there I saw that she was busy.

(Y/N) was dancing around in her room. Practicing a dance i guessed, because she repeated some moves while counting. I didn't hear of she really was, but it looked like that.

In the end she turned the music on and started dancing the whole dance. It looked amazing, so amazing that o couldn't help but take out my phone and record it all...

This, This is something that I don't want to forget

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