When you meet his family: Mikey

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I felt a breath on my neck, so did (Y/N). Both of our eyes got slightly wider and we looked at each other before slowly turning around.

"M-m-master Sp-splinter"

I shuttered out of fear. He didn't look to happy. His eyes were on (Y/N) while his hands gripped his cane tighter.
Man, he looked like he was about to kill somebody! That definitely scared (Y/N), me as well because I never thought he could be this mad.
"You said you love my son?" he asked her. She only nodded and hugged my arm. I felt Sensei's eyes on us both, as if he was making sure that we both were speaking the truth.

The 20 seconds of silence as he just stood there, controlling out breathing, were horrific. But in the end he smiled and gave us both a huge hug. The biggest sigh of relief washed up on us both ad we hugged him back. (Y/N), still holding in my arm, hugged Master Splinter as if he was her own father. They already liked each other like friends did.

My brothers just stood there in complete silence, their eyes wide and asking themselves what is happening. They could not believe anything of what they saw.

Right after the hug, we all spent our time together, talking and laughing. Sensei looked like a child on his face. Filled with luck and happiness, so did everyone else. (Y/N) took away all of their troubles just by giving them a gentle and honest reply to all of their questions and a happy smile.

Sparkle came from her, along with everything good this world had.

To bad that ended quickly. Raph spotted some kraang a few rooftops away. It was way too dangerous to be out here, especially for (Y/N). She didn't know how to fight (if you do, pretend you don't) so I took her home, Sensei came with me. We both didn't mind. (Y/N's) room wasn't a mess so he was free to step in.

I didn't care if she was tired or not, I placed her in her bed and put the cover on top. Gave her a hug and Sensei did the same, then, we left. I closed the window and started to head home with Sensei in front of me.

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