TMNT x reader Boyfriend Scenarios! by YamazakiSakura
TMNT x reader Boyfriend Scenarios!by Maria
This is a (very detailed) story about your life with one of the turtles! I really hope you'll enjoy and feel free to request me anything!
  • leo
  • 2012
  • raph
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Frenchie and Jackie -John Laurens x reader story by Nyansound
Frenchie and Jackie -John Laurens...by NYANSOUND
In this x reader you are Lafayette's sister who comes to America to finish her studies and start a career. Have fun reading!. don't judge me this is my first x reader. I...
  • cute
  • herculesmuligan
  • modernau
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TMNT Boyfriend Senarios by abbyshen17
TMNT Boyfriend Senariosby *Abigail Shen*
Have you ever wished that you could date one of the turtles in a half shell? Well now you can see how I imagine it would be like!!! *WARNING* I use dialogue from the 201...
  • romance
  • leonardo
  • raphael
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TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios by Jeepgirl173
TMNT Boyfriend Scenariosby Jeepgirl173
Alright my readers here you go. My very first Boyfriend Scenarios. Tell me what ya'll think in the reviews! I have it as PG-13 because I'm not sure what will go on in he...
  • donnie
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  • boyfriend
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More TMNT boyfriend scenarios by LikeATurtleDo
More TMNT boyfriend scenariosby LikeATurtleDo
Weeelll I see a bunch of these and decided, hey why not add to the mix! These are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle boyfriend scenarios. I hope you guys like it. Please don't...
  • turtlepower
  • mastersplinter
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TMNT Boyfriend scenarios by Snicker143
TMNT Boyfriend scenariosby Dutchezz
Mutliple scenarios of what you and your turtle hero ninja hubby could do
  • raphael
  • mutant
  • ninja
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Moonlight Mutation (A TMNT Fanfic) by hope_forever_18
Moonlight Mutation (A TMNT Fanfic)by A trashy little moose
"I'll tell you all the stories you want." In New York, the buildings are quiet as the people of Manhattan sleep. By the glow of the moon, the silhouette of a g...
  • feels
  • moonlight
  • leonardo
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You go through an amazing adventure finding out who your crush is then getting them to be your boyfriend and going on crazzzzy adventures!
  • michelangelo
  • teenage
  • ninja
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Ignited || John Laurens .1 by mariiareynolds
Ignited || John Laurens .1by Lexi
» When he was ten his father split, Full of it, debt ridden « Alexander Hamilton, founding father, grew up without a father. But he grew up without something else too. H...
  • wattys2018
  • alexanderhamilton
  • johnlaurens
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TMNT Sister Scenarios by 1TigerRose2
TMNT Sister Scenariosby Tiger-Rose.-.
I give you scenarios for TMNT that show you what it's like to be the TMNT's sister. I don't know if I invented this or not, but it has probably been done... Oh well... ...
  • awesome
  • brother
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Tmnt Mikey x Reader (2012) by YummKimchii
Tmnt Mikey x Reader (2012)by YummKimchii
It's a Mikey x Reader so yeah um.... please no hate. *Completed*
  • mikey
  • tmnt
  • turtles
LAMS - Hamilton by MtotheKay
LAMS - Hamiltonby InThePlaceToBe
Total Lams, Laffigan/Mullet, Pegria/Meggy, Jeffmads fanfic. This is in present time in King's College. ***NOT A BOOK FOR HOMOPHOBES AS YOU ARE HORRIBLE PEOPLE AND THIS B...
  • turtles
  • shuylergeorges
  • pegria
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Tmnt Boyfriend Scenarios by oneguyonegirlonelove
Tmnt Boyfriend Scenariosby oneguyonegirlonelove
Stories and Prefrences putting you into the world of the teenage mutant ninja turtles.
  • raph
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  • turtles
TMNT x Reader One Shots! by XxNinjaGirlxX4567
TMNT x Reader One Shots!by NinjaGirl Mia
  • tmntfanfic
  • leonardo
  • donatello
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Freckle Stars [MODERN LAMS Oneshots/Shorts] by TheGayJay
Freckle Stars [MODERN LAMS Oneshot...by BeMoreJay
[LAMS][FLUFF][Possible Angst] A collection of One-shots/shorts/AUs Of John Laurens and Alexander Hamilton from 'Hamilton: An American Musical' Thank you to @SassyCC for...
  • johnlaurens
  • alexander
  • bi-sexual
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Ya Big Softie |Raph x Reader| Book 1 by blue_divergents
Ya Big Softie |Raph x Reader| Book...by blue_divergents
Another one of my stories from Quotev. So feel free to read if you are a Raphael fangirl :)
  • mutant
  • michelangelo
  • jones
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I'm in Love With My Basketball Coach by AnyFandomBooks
I'm in Love With My Basketball Coa...by AnyFandomBooks
Raphael is on the basketball team at his high school as a senior. His coach is a very charming man who looks like he's nineteen, but is actually twenty six. Raphael has...
  • leonardo
  • donnie
  • raphael
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Raphael x reader by Darkness_chan
Raphael x readerby Darkness_chan
Simple boy meets girl story. Only the boy is a 6 foot tall terrapin. Y/n's life just became waaay complex. Slowburn
  • raphael
  • splinter
  • turtles
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Tony Perry's Daughter *COMPLETED* by bootswitdafur
Tony Perry's Daughter *COMPLETED*by bootswitdafur
***COMPLETED*** Maria Rain Perry is a 3 and 1/2 year old girl who's mother hates her. She doesn't know who her dad is but soon finds out when she is sent to live with hi...
  • turtles
  • vic
  • ptv
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tmnt one shots by tigerlilly16654
tmnt one shotsby Keri Callihan
read the title, lol. anyway, i am open to request, i don't do lemons though. keep that in mind.
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