Sneaky picture girl: Casey

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With your phone already in hand, camera on, you were finally ready. Today was the day you would finally ask him if you could take a picture of him and use it as your background on your phone. You've been thinking about it for a while now. Actually. You've wanted to ask him if you could take a picture of him from the first day of tour relationship. But you kept it in, not wanting to rush things and make him feel uncomfortable.

After you walked out of the school, your plan suddenly changed. What if he didn't know that you took a picture of him? Wouldn't it be even better?

Okay, you could just use the picture you had of him from the time he was cleaning his apartment. But that one was just not good enough. Don't rake me wrong now! It's really funny, it's just not a picture you would've had as my background.

After a little while, you silently lifted up the phone and took a picture of him. He was in front of you so he didn't see. You didn't look at it though, because then he may notice it and get curious. So you waited until you got home.

After Casey had baught you your daily dose of hot chocolate, with whipped cream on top and kissed your forehead a good bye- kiss when you got to your apartment building, he left with a smile. You smiled as well when you waved him a good bye.

After you got inside and taken off your winter clothes, you put your bag on your bed and took out your phone. And sure enough, the picture was perfect.

His back was twoards the camera, showing off the jacket he had woth the logo of his favorite hockey team on. He didn't wear a hat like tou did, to his hair was visible. It was straight at some places bit curled up a little bit by his neck, which you thought was incredibly cute. The streetlights lit him up perfectly, so nothing was completely black on the picture. The signs from all of the different stores also lot him up a bit. On his hair was some blue light, on the other side on his shoulder was some green and turquoise. Lower down was yellow because a car had passed by. And in the very bottom was some red. The snow was falling down, and the lights light it up too, so it looked colorful.

With a smile on your face, you instantly set it as your background picture on both your menu screen and locker screen, so that you would be able to see him every time you had to turn the phone on.

You wondered how he would react when he would see it

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