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Loving Raph Is Red (TMNT) ✔ by someanonwriter
Loving Raph Is Red (TMNT) ✔by anon
SMUT/LOVESTORY: A girl accidentally sees Raphael and his brothers along the sewer while she was casually hanging around her apartment's rooftop. Raphael being himself, t...
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What would happen?Tmnt BF Scenarios{FINISHED} by aquarimia
What would happen?Tmnt BF aquarimia
A lot of peeps have been doing these, so I thought "Hey, why not?" So here you guys go, I hope you enjoy these as much as I love writing them-Kiki<3
  • tmnt2012
  • tmntxreader
  • raph
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TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios by TMNT221BHobbit
TMNT Boyfriend Scenariosby Megatron
I've seen tons of other people writing this cool stuff! Here you go ladies and gents! Boyfriend Scenarios with the Turtles coming up! Fluff, Sad, Realistic, Angsty, Beau...
  • leo
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  • romance
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Love for Blue by __Lonely__Girl__
Love for Blueby READ BIO!
Takes place during Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) Leonardo x Oc Amelia is athletic and works with the Channel 6 News Company April is her best friend...
  • tmnt
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TMNT get a little sister  by Anju-Writes
TMNT get a little sister by Anju
ok in this story the turtle boys get a baby sister. she was made with some of the turtles DNA and that's why the kraang want her back so the turtles are gonna do everyth...
  • tmntsister
  • donatello
  • donnie
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Donatello & Haven by Chibi_Marshmellow
Donatello & Havenby Chibi_Marshmellow
A young girl meets Donatello when he hides on her fire escape, injured. She treats his wounds and promises to keep his existence a secret, Donatello feels as though he c...
  • donatello
  • leonardo
  • april
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Smoldering Love (donatello x reader) by Sassatello
Smoldering Love (donatello x Sassatello
Donnie's a hopeless romantic, so when he falls in love, it's not easy or subtle, but not everyone falls in love this way. If that weren't hard enough, he's mutant turtle...
  • raph
  • raphael
  • teenagemutantninjaturtles
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TMNT sister scenarios by bookwriter1235
TMNT sister scenariosby Sparkles🦄
you know what it's about ;)
  • sister
  • tmnt
Love In A Half Shell by TheUltraWriter
Love In A Half Shellby Shaelynn Collier
(TMNT 2016 version) One night Leonardo sneaks out of the lair to do a solo patrol, what happens when he meets a girl in trouble? Will friendship be found here? Will love...
  • lovestory
  • tmnt
ROTTMNT X READER  by swag_muffin
ROTTMNT X READER by Swag._.Muffin
Rottmnt is great. Don't @ me. Rise of the tmnt belongs to Nick, I own no one -Use of female pronouns, unless otherwise specified-
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TMNT X Reader Boyfriend Scenarios by moonmusiic
TMNT X Reader Boyfriend Scenariosby ☾
One can tell what this is but if you don't know.......... ITS A TMNT BOYFRIEND SCENARIOS BOOK! Hope you like reading it! Started: 10/29/15 Ended: 1/29/18
  • teenagemutantninjaturtles
  • wattys2017
  • scenarios
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Tmnt Mother Scenarios: Book 1#wattys2018  by Kittymasterofall14
Tmnt Mother Scenarios: Book Kittymasterofall
This is a book about how you meet Splinter and the turtles and your life as their wife and mother! your name is (Y/N) Shen and you are 23. This is your life with your ne...
  • tmnt
  • donnie
  • mikey
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The Gift of a Friend(TMNT fanfiction) by OceanEmily13
The Gift of a Friend(TMNT OceanEmily13
Rosa is an eight year old kid dealing with fighting parents. She has no friends, and every time she tries to talk to their parents they are in the middle of a fight. One...
  • leo
  • fanfiction
  • love
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TMNT x Reader Imagines // Smut Series. by thatninjaturtlegirl
TMNT x Reader Imagines // Smut Nan
This is a collection of my smut, so be warned! There is adult content in this one! 18+ is ahead!
  • tmnt2003
  • tmntxreader
  • tmntsmut
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TMNT 2003 Boyfriend Scenario - Love Is Blooming by Katharina0310
TMNT 2003 Boyfriend Scenario - Katharina
"I will protect you with my heart, if you give me yours" -Unknown Love is a thing everyone wish. Just as similar do the TMNT brothers as well. Follow our adv...
  • fanfic
  • leonardo
  • raphael
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Mikey X Everyone by Im_Sorry_So_Sorry
Mikey X Everyoneby aggressively holds hands
Hi! So in this book, EVERYONE has a crush on Mikey. Idk why I wrote this, maybe cause I love my Orange little cinnamon roll!
  • mikeyxleo
  • gay
  • tmnt
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TMNT 2012 Leonardo x Reader, Keep It Together by cutiepoppink
TMNT 2012 Leonardo x Reader, Anna Lee
The story takes place after the invasion, and Leo is put into a 3-month coma, in the TMNT 2012 TV show version. Also, the story will not go down as the show's exact plot...
  • leonardo
  • tmnt2012
  • hamato
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~Donnie X Reader : A Strange, But Sweet Love~ by leylalovescats
~Donnie X Reader : A Strange, leylalovescats
Y/N - Your Name Y/B/F/N - Your Best Friend's Name You are a high school girl, you don't seem to fit in with many kids at your school. You have friends, but you are desir...
  • leonardo
  • splinter
  • wattys2017
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In Love With Rage__Raphael X Reader by Queen_Of_Midgard
In Love With Rage__Raphael X Readerby Q.C
'I hide behind a dumpster, hearing them coming closer. I sit in silence hearing them argue on how I got away. When I thought they were about to leave my phone started go...
  • turtles
  • teenagemutantninjaturtles
  • raphael
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TMNT: Secrets of the Sewers by AuthorOfInsanity
TMNT: Secrets of the Sewersby Author of Insanity
New York City. A place full of corruption, deceit, and... mutants? Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo have lived in the NYC sewers all their lives. They've t...
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