Confession: Leonardo

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You knew. You knew absolutely everything now. How he felt, what he thought. And luckily, you felt the same way...he liked you...just like you liked him....

It has been around one week since he left you alone in the hospital. It was painful. Your wounds has healed a bit on your upper body, but those that was on your lower body was still really bad. You had bandages all over your legs and the doctors needed to change them once or twice a day because of how much you were bleeding.

One night, Leo came by your hospital window. He looked through it, and saw a doctor changing your bandages. It was heart-braking for him, but it got even worse when he saw the doctor lift you up and put you in a wheelchair. At this point he was close to crying.

When the doctor left, he knocked on the window softly. You went over and opened the window. He jumped in and hugged you right away, but was careful to not touch your legs.

"Leo what is it?!" You asked him. He only snuggled his face in to your shoulder, not giving you an answer at all. You didn't know what to say because of how sudden this was.

"Are you okay? Does you legs hurt?" He asked you but didn't look up on you. You answered with a "yes" while stroking circles on his shell.

When he finally calmed down, he looked up at you, his eyes were red. Like, he hasn't slept in day's. He cupped your face in his hands, and looked straight in to your eyes.

"I know that this is sudden, and, that it's not the right time for this,but.." He begun. You could already feel your face lit up with happiness.

Will you go out with me?"

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