When you wear a kimono: Tigerclaw (Request)

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Ancient Chinese Music - Love Casualty\愛殤 - 董貞\Dong Zhen
Tigerclaw may not look like it, but he was a very organized person. He usually cleaned his entire apartment deeply once or twice a week. You knew it because you usually visited him every day and noticed always different smells as soon as you stepped inside.

Once it smelled like food and cooking, the very next day it smelled like the ocean. It was really nice to visit him at days like this.

Today, he asked you to help him out because he wanted the guestroom clean. He took the rest of the house while you only took the guestroom. It wasn't fair at all and you told him that. He didn't answer woth words, no. He made you compare yourself woth him. After crossing your arms and 'arguing' a little bit woth him, you finally said 'okay' and just did as he wanted.

You began with just cleaning up the room on the places that were visible, before began to deep-clean the closet. It took you about an hour to take everything out of it and then organize it back again. When you mooved to the next door, a box caught your eye. Curiosity got the best of you and you decided to open it.

Inside was a dark blue obi-belt with a white and black komigimo by it. You put the box down and searched further in to the closet.

Pulling some shirts and jackets out of the way, you found a black man kimono hanging against the wall. You pulled it away from whatever it was hanging on and looked at it. After you had closed the closet-door, you put it on and got surprised that it actually fit you. It must've been a kimono he wore as child or teenage, or maybe even before he got mutated. Who knows?

After a while of looking at you, the blue obi-belt was suddenly pulled around your waist. You gasped slightly because you didn't expect Tigerclaw to be behind you, but relaxed when you saw him fixing the kimono from behind. After he was done tying the belt, he took the komigimo and tied it tighter around your waist. When he was done, he closed the closet-door, giving you a full view of yourself.

You were surprised by how well it fitted you, and how easily you could move in it. You found that out by stretching your arms you and down.

While you were looking at yourself, Tigerclaw went out and took two  Katana's from his weapon-wall in the living room. When he came back, he shoved the everything on the floor in to one corner and gave you one of the swords. You looked at him, then at the Katana and slowly understood what he wanted. After taking it from his paw, you walked over to stand on the other side of the room.


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