When he sees you at work: Mikey

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Mikey's P.O.V

I lost my brothers at a mission. Again.
I don't really know how it happened. I was so focused on the plan that Donnie came up with, following Leo and ignoring Raph as best as I could that I must've lost them. But now that I think about it, I don't really regret it. Because if I would've followed them, I wound get the chance to see (Y/N) at work.

It turned out that she was working as a prankster for the TV show called "Just for Laughs". I reminded myself to watch it later.

At the moment, she was doing a prank on random people who was walking down the street. Just by seing her act so well made me want to turn human and let her prank me. If she didn't recognize me that is.

The funny faces that the people made after she pointed twoards a hidden camera was the best part. Some of them didn't want to be visible in the show out of pure embarrassment, while others wanted to. Those that didn't want to had the very best reactions so it was kind of sad. But I didn't mind that, I was bust happy that I could now see (Y/N) on TV when she wasn't around.

I didn't stay for very long, because pranking people can sometimes take a very long time. And I didn't want my brothers to worry about me.

After I got to the lair, I turned on the TV on the channel where I knew "Jut for Laughs" usually play. I got slightly surprised when I saw the intro come up.

Perfect timing

After watching some episodes of it, it was finally (Y/N)'s turn to be on the screen. She began with introducing the prank by showing it, and then ot all began. I instantly recognized the place where she was. It was right by Murakami's. Smiling at it, I leaned forward a bit and focused only on the show. My brothers thought that it was wired but I didn't care about them at the moment. I was way to focused on (Y/N)'s pranks.

This was definitely something I would ask her about

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