When you meet: Donatello

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I was walking down the crouded street on a friday night with my favourite book in my hand, all though I was too tired to pay attention to where I was going. I knew that if i didn't look up from the book then i would propably walk in to something or trip over something - or someone . But it never happened before so i didn't even bother to worry about it.
I never got worried about anything when i was reading a book, especially if it was a book that i've been wanting to read for a while... But suddenly, i felt like i was being watched. I tried to ignore it as best as i could and continued walkling. But i didn't geet very far before i walked in to a street light. I blushed hard as i litsened to the whisperes around me and ran away.
When i was far enough i stopped running and continued walking. Not to long after, i turned to the left because that's where i have to turn to get to my house but i came to a dead end instead.

My head shot right up as i looked around.

'Did i just walk in to an alley?' i thought in my head and started to walk out of it...before:

"Are you always that clumsy" Said a male voice right behind me. That caused me to jump out of my skin and drop the book on the ground. But i didn't bother to look for it because i knew i wasn't alone in this alley and who ever was with me could easily kill me if i made the slightest movement.

"W-who are you and...w-where are you!" I said looking around but all i could se was darkness and not even a street light was able to make it easier. It was way to dark in here!

He sighed for some reason before telling me his name.

"Donatello...but you can call me Don or Donnie if you want." He said and stepped in to the light. I was about to scream before i covered my mouth with my own hands. He looked paniked himself at my reaction.

"(Y-Y/N)" I said in to my hands but still made sure that he could hear me. He smiled at my name and held out his three-fingered hand for me to shake. I shook it, but not without hesatating in the beginning. Again he smiled but this time i did the same.

For a moment we stood there in akward silence before my phone suddenly started to buzz in my pocket and play (an ambarassing) song. I blushed a deep shade of red and before i could click "answer" i dropped the phone on the ground. As fast as i could i picked it up and answered, making my mom easy to hear shouting my name at the other side of the line. I didn't even had time to say a quick "good bye" to Don before i found myself running home.

When i got home i was almost sweating at how fast i was running. But at last i made it home safely.
Wait a minute

Where's my book?

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