Lemon: Leonardo

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Your P.O.V

Me and Leo were training today, and by saying that I actually mean just sitting on the floor and meditating. It was pretty quiet and nice, since his brothers haven't awoken yet from yesterday's mission.

They were out on patrol until 3AM, no wonder they all were tired. Leo had trouble sleeping though, that's what made him get up early and wake me up by calling me over just to spend time. Everything was silent and nice, well... Almost.

Leo kept coughing with a closed mouth quietly, trying not to bother me as much as he could. I however, wasn't stupid and ummidietly knew that something was wrong.

Was he sick?

After a few more coughs, I got enough and poked his arm to get his attention, which - of course - worked.
He opened his eye a bit to look me, only to start coughing again, but stronger this time. My eyes widened and I rose up too my feet, ready to take him to Donnie even if he was still asleep. Donnie came running through the door before I could take another breath though, and took him to the lab, almost ordering me to stay were I was. I got frustrated but didn't question it.

A few minutes past, and painful as well since I could hear Leo coughing from the other side of the wall. He sounded to be in pain - a lot of it.
Then Donnie came back to me with a notepad in his hand that was probably filled with text in his neat - yet fast written - handwriting.

"He's okay, it's just mother nature taking a few new steps a little bit too quickly." He informed me which only led to a confused look in response. He sighed and relaxed his arms to let them hang by his sides.

"He's going through Puberty, and a little bit too fast too. Don't be surprised if you suddenly hear him have a deeper voice than Raph's batman voice." Donnie continued with his normal voice and face, only to then realize what he had said and make a confused expression. He had probably realized how deep Leo's voice would be.

And that's deep.

After a few questions and answers, Leo came in with his hand on his throat. Both me and Donnie froze at that moment, eyes wide as an owl's eyes and just waiting impatiently for Leo too speak up. He noticed that and shoot a glare twoards me and Donnie - especially me.

"What?!" Came out in his typical leader-like voice. Both me and Donnie almost flew back out of shock before starting to laugh.

Okay, let me now describe how it sounded.

Take Leo's voice and just make it deeper and deeper until it's on batman level. That's how it sounded! New and wired since no one here was used to it, but extremely hot in my ears.

It took about two hours for me to get used to it, but after I did however, I've almost forgotten how he sounded in the very beginning. His other two brothers may have teased him a little bit, and Raph didn't even dare to have a bet or something with him because now he really sounded like his big brother.

Big brother.

A few weeks later, the memories of his old voice were all completely gone. I couldn't even remember how he sounded no matter how much I tried to. It was like someone had taken the memories away from me.
When he was ordering his brother to follow him while Sparring against their Sensei, I tried to imagine him with a lighter voice, bit it always only sounded like those guys from 'Alvin and the chipmunks.'
I always started to giggle at that thought which usually caused Leo to turn to me for a moment and ask what I was thinking about. Hearing his voice made me forget his old one even more.

"You okay there?" Leo's voice suddenly snapped me out of my thoughts. I gasped slightly and looked around, realizing that I was in my room.

Why was I here?

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