Sneaky picture girl:Donatello

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Today was a special day. Not only because it was Friday, but because ot was a purple sunset today. There were clouds on the sky, but none of them covered the sun. You sat on the rooftop and watched it.


Donnie had to get out on another mission and couldn't skip it, but you promised to take a picture of it for him, unless he saw it himself.

When the sun set down enough for the sky to become a clear purple color, you took out your professional camera and snapped a picture. After you had put it down, you looked back at the sunset. But something caught your eye.

Donnie's standing on one of the rooftops on front og you. His legs were widely spread, his Bo-staff in on of his hands with the knife out. He was looking up at the sky, and it was very clear because of high his head was. His bandana was swinging a little bit and almost glew purple itself.

You then looked at this picture, and noticed how beautiful and dreamy it was. Donnie was standing in the very same position. The sun was right above his head and in the very corner of the picture a few stars was visible. You almost began to cry at how beautiful he looked in it.

After a while of looking at it, you put your camera back in to its bag and began to run twoards Donnie. A few.meters away, you shouted his name, making him turn around twoards you and smile. You jumped in to his arms, surprising him because he had no idea what you just saw.

If he has a beautiful picture of you on his wall, then you would have a beautiful picture of him on your wall.

Fair, right? (^ω^)

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