When you meet again: Mikey

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It was an absolutely day. The sun was shining hig up in the sky, the weather was a bit cold but the sun that was shining through your window warmed the intire place up. It was absolutely perfect, making you happy and smiling non stop. It was one of those "happy cleaning" days. So, you started to clean to all of your happy songs, singing along to most of them and dancing around like a cartoon from a movie. But you didn't realize how much you were cleaning untill you actually stopped and looked around. The intire place looked like it was a advertising. Instantly, you dropped the wiping cloth and the bottle you were holding. You even smelled the air a bit, noticing that everything about this place smelled different, compleatly different.

Smiling even bigger, you decided to clean some more, like finishing the dishes and even going inside the closets. About 2 hours later you pulled out a parfume from the bathroom cabinet and placed it a little bit everywhere in your apartment. After that closing the windows in your room and opening the one's in your living room for fresh air.Then pulling all of the towels and stuff away, turning on the happiest song you know and starting to dance all over the aprtment like a wild animal. You were about to finish a little salsa-styled dance when you herad a knock on your window. Instantly you turned around and saw Mikey. He was looking at you with wide eyes, like he had never seen a dance before. You motioned for him to get inside, so he did.

"Wow, you can dace salsa?" He asked with clear amazebent in his voice. You just nodded proudly and crossed your arms over your chest.

"Can we dance together!?" He asked you again. You smiled a huge smile and started the last song over again. After that you began dancing all over the place, but only for about 10 minutes because someone called his phone.

Quckly, you turned the music off so that he could answer it withought being disturbed. On the other line you could hear a...well...not so happy voice, telling him with a harsh tone to go somewhere. He nodded sadly and walked over to the wondow. When he saw your confused expretion, he explained the situation to you and left quickly after that...

But that didn't stop you from dancing around again, and giggling at MIkey's dancemoves.

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