When he sees you at work: Donnie

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Donnie's P.O.V

I was out with my brothers on another mission. Well...was until they ran off somewhere while I was trying to come up with a plan. A old and really annoying man recorded us while we were fighting. Raph was about to stab him with his sai's until he closed a door and almost crushed his face.

So now, not only did I have to find them, but also come up with a plan on his to get his phone and delete the tape. Also, we need to somehow make him promise to keep us a secret.

As I was walking around on the rooftops, a purple light from in the corner of my eye caught my attention. I looked over and saw that the light cane from a little and cosy café. It was a light grey color, had big windows and three floors. On the roof was a blinking sight saying: "Purple Sunset" I got slightly interested and looked at it for a while. Inside was tables and chairs placed all over the rooms, all of them decorated with white tablecloths. The floors had a deep purple shade while the walls had a really light purple color. Whoever owned this place really liked purple.

Before I got a chanse to turn back, an opening window caught my attention. My eyes widened at who looked outside.


She leaned on the window frame and took a deep breath. The clothes she wore made it very clear that she was working there. A white blouse and a grey-purple skirt, black and almost transparent tights and purple ballerina shoes. Her hair had a purple bandana tied in it, it almost looked like my old one, but I didn't see any holes for the eyes.

I blushed as the sight, but didn't look away. She then went back to work. I watched her for a little while, just to see what kind of work she did and to make sure she didn't overworked herself.

She began with changing the tablecloths and replacing them woth new ones, after that she took and began to place the now dry dishes on their place. She must've washed then before I saw her. After that she put some of the sandwiches and sweets in to a fridge. But she put some of them in to a purple paper bag so that she could eat them later. The bag had small Sakura's and the name of the café on it. Kind of reminded me about the time she wore a kimono.

When she was done with cleaning the floors and other stuff, she changed clothes (I didn't se since she was in the changing room) and closed the café. I followed her all the way home, just to make sure she didn't get hurt and so that no bastard layed their eyes on her. When she got to the door, I couldn't help but smile. She got home safely once again.

The next day she cane by to visit me. The same bag from the day before was held in her hand. I couldn't help by smile at the memory of her doing her job. She looked so calm in there, even though she was working very had and fast.

"You want some?" She asked me while sitting on my chair, reading a book. I smiled and took a brownie from the bag, instantly stuffing the whole thing in to my mouth and liking my fingers after that.

"So..." I began because I had to swallow before continuing. She looked up at me from her book with a coconut piece dipped in chocolate (Ever tasted that?) in her mouth.

"How's it going working at the café? You know. Purple Sunset?"

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