When he's cleaning his home to a funny song: Casey

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'I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake. I shake it off'

Was clearly heard through the apartment building. The building a few blocks away from yours. You were trying to study math at the moment and easily got distracted. Closing the window wasn't helping and you didn't own a pair of working headphones at the moment so nothing helped.

In the end, you couldn't stand it anymore. The song was okay, but not when it was played over, over and over again. You slammed your hands down on your table and rose up so sharply that your chair got pushed back a few meters before falling down.

After you had taken your shoes on, you walked outside, following the sound. It didn't take you long to find the brat that played that damn song. Instead of walking up to the front door, you climbed up the ladder and looked through the window.

"Can't stop, won't stop moving" A well-known voice sang when you got off the ladder. You didn't have to even think twice before knowing who it was.


"She's like 'oh my God', but I'm just gonna shake in to the pillow over there with a hell of food hair. Won't you come over baby so we can shake, shake" He sang as me made girly faces and messed up his hair slightly.

"Yyeeeeaaaaaahh~~~!" He then screamed out while jumping up on the couch. It was then that you noticed what he was wearing. A black tanktop, short shorts and  belt that held all of his 'tools' that he needed to use. Like wiping cloths, dust brushes in all sizes and other stuff. The clothes was quite tight and showed a lot of his body. They weren't transparent (thank god), but is they were the same color as his skin, nobody would even notice them. (
(Fangirls, I did that for you. *Wink*)

Honestly, he was really, like really good at signing. Too bad he didn't want to show it.

But not for too long

You took out your phone and started recording and taking pictures. The best one was when he used the vacuum as a guitar and slid forward on his knees across the floor. His hair got blown back slightly and the face he had would've matched any celebrity's fave when they're signing on a concert. That one was definitely going up on the wall.

As you looked through the pictures, you didn't notice him freezing and looking at you. It wasnt until the music stopped that you looked up at him and noticed him staring. You blushed and hid your phone in to your pocket. He saw it though and started making his way twoards you with almost a dangerous look. You could easily tell that he was irritated.

Before you could say anything, he grabbed your phone out of your pocket and deleted every single picture except the last one.

The one you liked.

You got confused and was about to ask him why he didn't delete the last one, and why he wasn't angry. But he saw right through you and answered your unspoken question.

"I didn't look very handsome in the other pictures, so why even keep them? They just waste memory on that phone of yours." He simply answered and walked in to continue cleaning. You furrowed you eyebrows and began to walk home.


When you were down on the ground, the song started over again and you realized that tou had completely forgotten to ask him if he could change song, or at least turn the volume down.

With an annoying sigh, you turned around and made.your way up.



So as you probably noticed, this one is a little bit different. I was cleaning my house to this song and just got the idea.
I hope that it was as funny as the other one's and Tigerclaw's chapter will be the same.


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