When he sees you naked: Raphael

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After taking a run, you stopped by Raph's favorite gym to tale a cool shower. The reason you didn't went home was because, of course, Raph was at the gym and you just wanted to be with him for a while.

When you went in, you greeted each other with a hug and went your separate way's like the 'great' couple you were.

You threw you bag over your shoulder again, almost jumping at the pain that the book inside your bag caused you too fel when it hit your shell-less back. Then, you began to make your way in to the changing rooms. All though, because you were looking down at your phone, you didn't look where you were going and accidentally went in to the men's changing room.

After all of your clothes had ended up on the floor, the water ummidietly started to pour down out of the shower head, soaking your body with cold water.

Not too long after, you began to feel satisfied with the 5 minutes you've spent just standing, facing the wall and enjoying the cold water that made you burn on the inside.
Just as you were about to turn off the water, a slow whistle echoed through, not only the room, but also through your head. You turned over slightly, just with your head and shoulders and faced no one else than the pervert known as your boyfriend.

"Wow, I never thought I'd see this until I married you"

Raph said and turned around when he saw the embarrassment on my face.

"Well. Wait until we do get married, then maybe you'll see more of me."

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