Casey Jones

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Hello everyone. Here is you mister Jones. I skipped some of the chapters because I was a bit to tired to write further and didn't want all of you wait for so long. Also, some people wanted I'll write both.

When you meet

Your P.O.V

I was so nervous. It was the first day of school after fall break. My bag - with all of the materials I needed - was hagning over my shoulder. The jacked I had was sitting confortably and warmly on my upper body, the scarf I always wore was swaying slightly because of the gentle wind. I didn't feel cold at all, but my breath was visible in the air as I walked. The orange trees was slightly decorated with water drops from yesterday's rain, and made every leaf sparkle beautifully thanks to the slightly warm sun. My parents told me to take the school bus, but I insisted on walking on my way there, learing the way to and from school properly.

When I was close to the school, a pair of kids suddenly rode past me on skateboards, one of them bumped in to me and made me fall down. As I fell down on my knees and started to pack some sthings back in my bag again, I saw someone in the corner of my eye. I didn't know if it was a boy or a girl, because I only saw a pair of feet. One foot on the ground and the other one on a skateboard. He...or she stood there for a while, propably taking pictures and sending them all over the internet, calling it "The new girl", in a mean way. I didn't mind, I was actually used to it by now, after getting bullied at school from the very first day. This wouldn't be any different. In fact, the only reason I moved to this school, and New York was because I was bullied in the last one. It became so harsh that I had to be home-schooled for about three moths. I didn't want that to change until I noticed myself that I became totaly unsocial. I didn't want to be with other people because I was afraid of being hurt again. So, I decided to make a new try and start over. No one here knew who I was, since the place I moved from was actually Miami.

"You want any help?" I suddenly heard a male voice ask me. I shook my head and told him to don't mind me. But he sighed and leaned down, helping me. I blushed slightly when I was his face and instantly recognized him. Casey Jones. He was a very popular kid when it comes to sports. The reason I knew who he was, was because I saw him in the newspaper once and just had to read.

"Thanks." I said shyly and hiding my face in my scarf while taking the last thing. He looked at me and smiled a michevius smile. I knew what that ment. Bullying.

"Are you shy?" He asked while grinning. I thought a little bit before answering, which only came out as a nod. Actually, I wanted to just say "no" and move on. But, if I started lying, I would defently become a new toy for the bullies. So I just stayed honest. He smiled wider and stood up, I followed him up and took the books he picked up for me out of his hands.

"Well, thank you then. Se you snother time." I said and started to walk away. For some reason, he followed me on his skateboard. I got confused and furrowed my eyesbrows.

"What are you doing? Your friends are propably waiting for you." Isaid and looked at him. We made eyecontact for just a second becaus ehe had to watch the road.

"Every new kid that comes to this school – and is shy like you are – won't get accepted easily. You will be compleatly invisible to everyone if you're not seen together with me. You see, not to brag or anything, but I'm the cool kid in this school. The King." He said and wiggled his eyebrows at the last part. I giggled slightly and opened the door, holding it up for him as well. Everyone was looking at me even before I could look back at them. Was it because I was new? Or because Casey was behind me? Maybe both. Oh well, what ever they were looking at was not importnant for me then. I just had to find out if they were intrested in hurting me in any way. When we were by my locker, I stopped and turned to him. He waved a "See you later" wave and continued riding his skateboard to his locker.

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